Forbes talks to Kay Hymowitz, author of the controversial book Manning Up, about her theory that women’s advancement produced a new. In Manning Up, Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal contributing editor Kay Hymowitz argues that the gains of the feminist revolution have had a dramatic. Men in their twenties and thirties are fed up with women, but author Kay Hymowitz says you can’t blame them when women are demanding.

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I’m a Latter-day Saint, and I come hymowiitz a certain culture. I find that the title is somewhat misleading, though it does talk about the state of men, the book mostly focuses on the change in the economy and work force and how that has affected both women and men.

MANNING UP by Kay S. Hymowitz | Kirkus Reviews

Review Originally Posted to The-Spearhead. It was a sensationalistic and trashy move, but we live in a sensationalistic, trashy culture.

We have even gotten to the poi This book has a lot of interesting insights into our current socio-cultural state. My paternal grandfather never graduated from high school.


This book has a lot of interesting insights into our current socio-cultural state. Apr 25, Becca rated it liked it Shelves: The first chapter didn’t seem so bad, I expected more clarification and support later. The jacket design is the best lay about the book. In my opinion it was a little long winded and the constant references to young adult comedies and television shows took away from some of the validity of her points, but again it was somewhat interesting for the first two thirds of the book.

The book explains some causes f I picked this book after reading Hymowitz’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately rather than men evolving into a post-masculine idea, they instead regress into a child-like state. Do women need a man to become a mother, to create a family, to hymlwitz out a life?

At least the book describes the books, movies, TV we see as well as some examples in our personal lives. The easier we make our lives, the easier we waste our lives.


She argues these depictions reflect an actual growing segment of the male population and outlines potential antecedents and consequences of this. No one can make you mad, belittle you or denigrate you: It’s no secret that women are pulling ahead academically while a majority of their male counterparts are stuck developmentally in a man-child existence.

Yes, we are putting off marriage and children, but sometimes its not a choice.

Here are the reasons why the book is called Manning up so plainly I believed it would involve mannong discussion about todays men, wrong the first three chapters were all about women and how these modern women are striving hymowtiz in the world of males in education, workforce, charity work, maturity etc. Interestingly this book pops up with a lot of anti-feminist books, however, this is a feminist book to the core. Unfortunately, there are so many issues with this book and despite frequent sourcing, some of the things she doesn’t source appear to me to be the biggest assumptions.

While she advises female pre-adults to be more conscious of the biological limits on their fertility and its consequences for their romantic lives, for men, all she can say is: The truth is we are sexual creatures and the hormones that propel that drive are at their most rampant in our fertile years. I didn’t agree with every point the book offered, but it certainly gave a lot of food for thought.

Somehow, this is all rather sad to me. Her logic and research makes perfect sense and I wonder how today’s kids my own 4 kids included will develop as a result. My own feelings and frustrations are frequently echoed back to me by married peers in my own generation bracket.

It’s just taking a lot longer to get there. It’s not like “Child-man” is one of the categories in the US Census.

The second chapter is called the New Girl order, again she reiterates how women are graduating more from schools and that they are entering high ranking previously only male schools and then this statement “The formerly mostly male schools of the high establishment are hardly being chivalrous or mnaning correct in welcoming so many female students” And shortly after that: I heard about Kay Hymowitz’s book while listening to the October General Conference—oddly enough, a Latter-day Saint semi-annual gathering.


Helen Smith, but if men are, in fact, choosing computer games over relationships, if men are choosing to be Chester Riley rather than Ward Cleaver, then understand this one thing: Hymowitz provides a lengthy bibliography which cites plenty of additional reading sources.

Women still earn less than me Birth control and the advent of the Knowledge Economy have given women more choices and the realization that they are often better students, workers, creators, and problem solvers in school and hymowjtz the workplace. Hymowitz overplays the size and importance of the creative class — while those jobs abound in major metropolitan areas like New York — Hymowitz lives in Brooklynthere are too many graphic designers, web designers, script writers and photographers everywhere else.

Reading Manning Up was an eye-opening, enlightening, and, at times, disturbing glimpse into a culture that I have never belonged to and am glad I never did. Or that parents in America have begun to favour daughters. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys by Kay S. Hymowitz

I was more on the love side of things, but I understand how difficult it is to truly define cultural and explain its many variables. This was followed by: Not that we need evidence, on other occasions, to see that hyowitz is wrong. Apr 15, Angelina Justice rated it liked it Shelves: