PDF | Marine actinomycetes were isolated from sediment samples collected from of eight mangrove species of Pitchavaram mangrove ecosystem. Abstract: Mangroves are woody plants located in tropical and subtropical intertidal coastal regions. Driven by the discovery of novel natural products from. We conclude that actinomycetes isolated from mangrove habitats are a Similarly, potent and selective protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B.

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Numerous researches have indicated that actinomycetes secondary metabolites have potential as new antibiotics, antitumor agents, immunosuppressive agents and enzyme inhibitors [ 17 ]. Micromonospora wenchangensisGPT T. Results showed that compounds 14, 20, 21and 22 displayed moderate anti-H1N1 activity Wang et al. K, from Ghanaian mangrove river sediment.

Members of Nocardiopsis dassonvillei have been isolated from a variety of natural habitats such as soils and marine sediments, plant, animal material, and human patients. Achaeal communities in mangrove soil characterized by 16S rRNA gene clones.

Sphaerisporangium krabienseA-T T. Divergolides A-D from a mangrove endophyte actinomgcetes an unparalleled plasticity in ansa-macrolide biosynthesis. Generating a generation of proteasome inhibitors: Rhizosphere mangrove soil of Exoecaria agallochaHainan, China. Bacterial synthesis of diverse indole terpene alkaloids by an unparalleled cyclization sequence.

Aurintricarboxylic acid inhibits influenza virus neuraminidase. Tamura and Sakane, The bioactivity studies of natural metabolites from the mangrove rare actinobacteria has become popular.

Then in Rasapalli et al. Actinomycetes populations in mangrove rhizosphere. Antimicrobial compounds from mangrove plants: First total synthesis and determination of the absolute configuration of 1- N -methylmethylamino-[ N -butanoicacid 9-methylpropenone -amide]-benzo[f][1,7]naphthyridineone, a novel benzonaphthyridine alkaloid.


It has been actinomjcetes that the genus Streptomyces among mangrove actinomycetes as natural product producers is the richest source followed by the genus Micromonospora.

At the time of writing, the genus Saccharopolyspora contained 26 species and 3 subspecies isolated from various sources http: Currently, the Salinosporamide A is in phase I human clinical trials as a potential anticancer drug Fenical et al.

Natural Products from Mangrove Actinomycetes

The producer Streptomyces lusitanus XM52 was isolated from the rhizosphere of the mangrove plant Avicennia actinomycdtes from Fujian Province, China. Phase I trials in patients with advanced hematologic and solid malignancies also showed rapid, broad and effective proteasome inhibition with no significant PN, neutropenia or thrombocytopenia [ 44 ]. However, the unclassified bacteria found in this study were clustered as Caldithrix, Haloplasmatales, and phototrophic bacteria.

In nature, Actinobacteria are also known as saprophyte soil inhabitants Naik actinomycftes al. Meanwhile, chemical structures and respective sources are also listed. Mangrove is a high moisture, high salinity, and hypoxia tolerant ecosystem [ 9 ] which breeds many kinds of novel microorganisms and plants mmangrove have been a rich source of bioactive actinomycehes products [ 10111213 ].

In spite of the tremendous success of the past in screening actinomycrtes useful secondary metabolites, the chance of finding new biologically active molecules from Streptomyces has decreased Fenical et al. The limitation of studied bacterial populations and resolution of analytical techniques make it uncertain of detecting bacterial endemism.

Microbiology 35— Vegetation and sediment characteristics in expanding mangrove forest in New Zealand. Bioactive microbial metabolites review. At the time of writing, we report 73 novel compounds and 49 known compounds isolated from mangrove actinomycetes including alkaloids, benzene derivatives, cyclopentenone derivatives, dilactones, macrolides, 2-pyranones and sesquiterpenes. Open in a separate window. Meanwhile, over actinomycetes were isolated from mangroves and their secondary metabolites showed anti-infection, anti-tumor and protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B PTP1B inhibitory activity [ 11 ].


Compounds discovered from the mangrove rare actinobacteria are uniquely structured and lead directly to the development of novel antibiotics that are effective against antibiotic-resistant pathogens Lam, Flavones A new di- O -prenylated flavone 73 was obtained from Streptomyces sp. mangrovee

The NGS approach enables the discovery of novel enzymes and molecules with potential application in the biotechnology industry Duan and Feng, Rifamycin S actinomjcetes its geometric isomer produced by a newly found actinomycetes, Microsmonospora rifamycinica. Source, chemistry and bioactivities. Micromonospora sonneratiaeT. The advancement of new selective techniques enables the isolation and screening of rare actinobacteria, which could lead to the discovery of new and useful bioactive compounds.

Mangrove rare actinobacteria: taxonomy, natural compound, and discovery of bioactivity

Analysis on the secondary natural product gene clusters showed that Salinispora tropica contains approximately 9. Cytotoxic active components from marine Streptomyces sp. Streptocarbazoles, novel staurosporine analogs with unprecedented cyclic N -glycosidic linkages between 1,3-carbon atoms of the glycosyl moiety and two indole nitrogen atoms of the indolocarbazole core were other promising compounds isolated from mangrove actinomycetes.