By Eva Ibbotson, , European Historical Romance (Vienna, ) Magic Flutes is Ibbotson’s second novel, and showcases all of what. Summary: A story encompassing a millionaire born in dubious circumstances, a beautiful social-climbing young woman, a delightfully. Magic Flutes. Romance and intrigue make this lyrical historical adventure an unputdownable read! When a British millionaire sets out to buy a secluded fairy tale.

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Magic Flutes

After attending University in Vienna, Guy came home changed and determined to make millions. Inher mother moved to London, settling in Belsize Parkand sent for her daughter. She’s also rather naive. But in the end, their true love triumphs.

I just didn’t really care about these characters. He and the girl are attracted to each other, but he doesn’t really acknowledge this since he’s engaged to someone else, and she tries to convince herself to stop thinking of him. I also enjoyed reading about Austria in the early 20th century. With good writing and, if not very deep, at least interesting plot, it is a story of a lot of fluff, not much use, an abrupt ending, and the ability to capture a reader into a faded world and leave them with a smile When I flipped through the book at the library the cover told me this was the story of beautiful dark eyed princess who has shrugged off her royal duties and taken up the life of theatre and how she meets and falls in love with a handsome and rich English businessman.

Tessa, or Putzerl as she is known to her family and friends, is a young member of a class of people who had been far above the common people, her friends, family and acquaintances are princes, archduchesses and barons.

However, like the other male protagonist in Ibbotson’s other books, he is always so distracted by the other woman in the story that he becomes oblivious of the female heroine’s charms.


Can the two lives be kept separate forever? Guy learns of the folly and tracks her down at the grave of a Frau Richter in the Central Cemetery. He did not want her in the heavens, linked to him by some celestial whimsy, but here and now in the flesh and after the death of the flesh, her hand in his as they rose from graves like these when the last trump sounded.

Shilovsky paraphrased by melibretto of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin My rating might be so high because I didn’t expect much from this book. While I have to saw that I found this a highly enjoyable book, I really felt that it drug on for way too long. A romance, a historical adventure, and almost fairy-tale, “The Reluctant Heiress” sweeps a reader into the s and the adventures of music, theater, and ‘republicanism’.

Then when he was six, he was given to a widow to raise. Ibbotson was also noted for several works of fiction for adults. This is a sweet, funny and charming romance novel for teens and adults. Gosh, I could shoot myself for that run-on sentence.

flutfs Will Guy actually marry the spoiled beauty he believes he loves? I thought she was a very interesting and intriguing character, what with the fact that she is royalty, and yet all she wants to do is to be an unpaid assistant in a little theater that is constantly on the brink of ruin. Though they start on opposite ends of the social pyramid, they have many similarities to each other. Practically, there are only six plus short stories for adults.

Guy, an English foundling turned self-made millionaire, and Tessa, an Austrian princess with a lineage that goes back to Charlemagne. Their paths continue to cross though, and I loved watching magci slowly fall in love, while both seeming quite oblivious to it for the longest time.

I’m only 40 pages in and I’m a bit annoyed with the author. Layer upon layer of substantial deliciousness that is almost but not quite too much, and best enjoyed with a strong cup of coffee.


Evx don’t like reading books where I don’t know what’s going on because the author has decided to constantly throw in my face the fact that their vocabulary is bigger and better than mine Spring, Tessa is a beautiful, tiny, dark-eyed princess – who’s given up her duties to follow her heart, working for nothing backstage at the Viennese opera. I know she was trying to write fitting to the time period, but I just really didn’t like it. Austria and German have been fluts.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Children’s fantasyhistorical fictionromance novelsdrama. There is a similar warm, tolerant humor about all the confused European and Eastern European aristocrats whose world has changed around them as their lives of clueless privilege have dissolved and they are now losing their palatial homes flutws American industrialists and society at large is easily finding them so irrelevant.

Magic Flutes : Eva Ibbotson :

Retrieved from ” http: View all 17 comments. Here our story begins. Yadda, yadda, yadda, two hundred pages later, come conflicts and then the last page of the blasted book: I wish they had a few more scenes together. I volunteer to find out. She invests much of it in the opera company and loses it all.

May 16, Cassandra rated it really liked it Shelves: A word about Ms. It’s a ridiculous confection, but not a wispy meringue or an overdone croquembouche. Taking place in Austria just after World War I, we are swiftly introduced to two people obviously intended for ibboyson other: Instead, she married and raised a family, returning to school to become a teacher in the s.

Guy decides to woo Nerine, the English girl he loved while studying in Vienna.