The Misty Mountains have ever been home to evil things. From the malicious Goblins that prey on unsuspecting Dwarves, to the colossal might of the Balrog of . Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG and. Home ยท LOTR Armies Moria & Angmar. LOTR Armies Moria & Angmar. March 24, | Author: Syrath | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF – MB.

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But I’m unsure where you could download that now. Normal games are probably about – pts. The models are a bit smaller than say a space marine.

What books do i need to play this game self.

I would imagine that the new rules will be similar to the wngmar set, with some nice quality of life changes, but this is just speculation. And to play battle companies you need to get the battle companies book.

However just revealed today is the new box set with a rohan and mordor army, as well as a new rule book and new army rules.

PM me if moroa are looking for PDFs. I’d like to play battle companies and the base strategy game but i moriia unsure what books i need.

However they are rumoured maybe confirmed to be changing to middle earth strategy battle game. Warriors are cheap with normally one or two point upgrades like shields, bows and spears. But the free people’s book is where you will find the rules for the high elves.


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I have also heard tell of a new rule book, please good folk i require some assistance. But if you want to play rohan for example, you would need the kingdoms of men source book. So if you have people you can play with using those rules isn’t a bad idea to get yourself acquainted with how the game works until the new book drops. Submit a New Link.

So if you’re goblin town, or anything from lote first movie your rules and points are in the large hardback hobbit tile book or only for free. The there and back again book is for the second and third movie. Depends on what army you go for. But I imagine anything in the movies for sure.

Basically are the new rules compatible with the current source books?

The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game: Moria & Angmar | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

But per model there is less surface area and less detail so on a model to model basis they’re quicker and probably easier to paint than 40k and age of sigmar.

Is this the old set with 8 high elf archers, 8 high elf swordsmen, 8 numenorians anymar shields and 24 goblins? They haven’t said what army rules will be there.

They are rebranding it Middle Earth SBG, and probably will be churning out new models and maybe there will also be a new edition of the angkar this is rumoured. A few years ago, i think during the dark times where i thought the game was getting cancelled i went on a buying spree and bought tons of stuff off of ebay.


Seems like the best moriia. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Numenor is in the kingdoms of men book and moria goblins are in the moria and angmar book.


Only lofr can downvote Please don’t downvote You may post to your blog, but do not spam links to your blog. Whereas goblins would be quite time consuming because of the model count.

This will likely be new profiles for several factions from the movies, more specifically from the 2nd and 3rd. But now that you have the kingdoms of men book you have the rules and points for 3 other factions.

But if I had to place my money somewhere it would be on the new book being rules for gondor, rohan, easterlings, haradrim, fiefdoms and mordor. And if it does it is a decade out of date.