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Este fue uno de los primeros proyectos en explorar el enfoque ampliamente difundido de utilizar los humedales como ecosistemas de mejora de la calidad del agua.

Howard T. Odum

Odum [was] a genius and an integrative genius seldom books petty constraints. Las contribuciones de Odum a este campo han sido reconocidas por la Sociedad de Marte.

He said that the “human is the biosphere’s programmatic and pragmatic information processor for maximum performance”. Odum developed an analogue of Ohm’s Law which aimed to be a representation of energy flows through ecosystems.

Odum’s Energy Systems Language qua G. Odum described his role as follows: This approach represented the migration of cybernetic ideas into ecology and led to the formulation of systems ecology. Para Odum, como una entidad grande, el mundo constituye un ciclo circular con alta estabilidad.

He claimed that energy was driven through ecological systems by an “ecoforce” analogous to the role of voltage in electrical circuits.

Jackson Alexander Christakis Kenneth D. The analogous concept required is the biomass activity, that is, the thermodynamic thrust, which may be linear.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Lotka ‘s articles on the energetics of evolution, and subsequently proposed the theory that natural systems tend to operate at an efficiency that produces the maximum power output, not the maximum efficiency.


Electron flow in the electrical network represented the flow of material e.

Thus a lot of his ideas that seemed so improbable in the past are considered common knowledge now. Nonetheless, they were able to estimate the total flow of energy through the entire system.

The role of passive electrical analogs in H.

This extension relied on the definition of an entity as a combination of properties that have some stability with time. For example, when the Odums had studied the metabolism of the reef at Eniwetok Atoll, they were not concerned with individual species. He was supported by large contracts with the United States Atomic Energy Commissionresulting in participation by nearly scientists, who conducted radiation studies of a tropical rainforest [5] His featured project at University of Florida in the s was on recycling dee sewage into cypress swamps.

Society for General Systems Research Presidents.

From this view, biogeochemical cycles are driven by radiant energy. In this model energy and matter flows through an ecosystem: Oduk and environmental politics: Odum’s career, 23 September If one is building a model of energy flow then certainly the Odum system should be given serious consideration Odum in [46] well before he worked at the University of Florida.

He presented many papers dde the topic odjm its annual conferences as well as edited the last published General Systems Yearbook. Odum, Colorado University Press, Colorado. It is now proposed to extend natural selection to the natural level of integration and to the large ecological entities which include both biological and inorganic components. Voltage, or driving force, is related to something we have measured for years, the biomassin pounds per acre.


Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia

This research calculated the potential value of primary production per bay surface area. En otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons. Had they started studying the reef from the bottom up, they might never have gotten around to studying its overall metabolism. This is one of his most important contributions to the beginnings of the field of ecological engineering.

Kitching claimed that the language was a direct result of ecolkgia with analogue computers, and reflected an electrical engineer’s approach to the problem of system representation: During this time, he became aware idum the interplay of ecological-energetic and economic forces. Odum fue el tercer hijo de Howard W.

Hutchinson who expressed the view that if a community were an organism then it must have a form of metabolism. The only higher education institute to award honorary degrees to both Odum brothers was The Ohio State University, which honored H.

Odum junto con David Fcologia.

Odum together with David M. Odum’s contributions to this field have been recognised by the Mars Society.

Odum was the third child of Howard W. InOdum married Virginia Wood; they had two children together.