Er fasste seine “Erkenntnisse” im sogenannten “Leuchter-Report” zusammen, den der ehemalige NPD-Vorsitzende Günter Deckert ins Deutsche übersetzt hat. Dies änderte sich , als Fred A. Leuchter, ein US-Fachmann für Hinrichtungseinrichtungen, vom Deutsch-Kanadier Ernst Zündel gebeten wurde, nach Polen. Dachau camp for the “Second Leuchter Report”; Fred A. Leuchter and a prison guard at the . A Brief History of the Alleged German Execution Gas. Chambers.

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During the trial against Ernst Zuendel in Toronto, Canada in he was send to the auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in order to forensically investigate the alleged mass execution gas chamber facilities.

Windows and doors which have been opened should be fastened in such a way that they cannot slam.

Settle necessary safety measures Guarding, work detachment for sealing. As noted for Krema I, there was no ventilation, no heating system, no circulation system, no sealant inside or out and further, no doors on the morgues in Krema II. The doors and windows must be left open all the time.

Der Erste Leuchter Report

All lighting and electrical hardware is explosion-proof. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Sapple C 7 is sediment meteriel. In short, the building could not be used for its alleged purpose and fails to follow even minimal gas chamber design.

Remove all gas mask filters. Chamber 2 has an area of sq.

The contents of the report, in particular Leuchter’s methodology, are heavily criticised. Nationalist Myths and Modern MediaI. Test rosultg far court litigation.


Prussic leuchyer may not be brought into contact with an open flame, glowing wires, etc. David Irving, Hitler and Holocaust Denial https: Untrained personnel or persons who are trained but do not yet hold a certificate may not be called in to work on gassing operations, nor may they be taken into gas-filled rooms. At various times such as in the summer of when the crematoria couldn’t keep up with the extermination ratebodies were burnt in open-air pits.

Continue on to Synopsis and Findings The Leuchter The End of a Myth SYNOPSIS AND FINDINGS After a study of the available literature, examination and evaluation of the existing facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, with expert knowledge of the design criteria for gas chamber operation, an investigation of crematory technology and an inspection of modern crematories, the author finds no evidence that any of the facilities normally alleged to be execution gas chambers were ever used as such, and finds, further, that because of the design and fabrication of these facilities, they could not have been utilized deutsdh execution gas chambers.

leuchter report pdf deutsch free – PDF Files

Poisoning through the skin: Factory recommendation for normal operation and sustained use allows for three 3 or less cremations per day. Brugger, a lawyer in New York City, I began an inquiry into this area. For every attentive listener it was revealed that if it was so difficult to execute a single person in this manner, then the alleged execution of hundreds of thousands of persons by the Germans using Zyklon B would equal the problem of trying to square the circle.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It consisted of an airtight chamber with gasketed doors and windows, a gas generator, an explosion proof electrical system, an air intake and exhaust system, provision for adding ammonia to the intake air and mechanical means for activating the gas generator and air exhaust. There is no vent or stack.

This report and my findings are resultant to those investigations conducted in Poland. This high temperature causes the body to combust and consume itself, allowing for the burner to be shut down. But he has a strong personality and charisma.

At least 2 special filter inserts against Zyklon prussic acid. Determine leufhter kind of vermin to be exterminated. The safety systems contain warning bells, horns, and lights, as well.

leuchter report pdf deutsch free

This would have severely affected his results, because unlike Prussian blue and other iron based cyanides, cyanide salts leuchger highly soluble in water. There were several areas in this building that were permanently sealed and not available for the author’s inspection. Find which opening will be particularly difficult to seal Air shafts, drains, large openings which leuchteg been boarded up, roofs.

If used in buildings, ships, or tents to fumigate trees and produce, the area must be heated to an excess of