When the ancient evil of the Blackbringer rises to unmake the world, only one determined faerie stands in its way. However, Magpie Author. Laini Taylor. Dreamdark – Blackbringer by Laini Taylor, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Magpie Windwitch is not like other faeries, most of whom live in tranquil seclusion . When she learns that escaped devils are creeping back into.

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This audiobook can be listened to on: The original publisher of Blackbringer and its sequel Silksinger no longer exists, meaning the only copies that can be found of either book are usually second-hand and not in high street bllackbringer.

The fairies have warriors and artists, historians and healers, archaeologists and opportunists.


But Magpie is different, she gets her restless energy from her parents and her grandfather, the West Wind. It’s a charming, whimsical story full of adventure and magical creatures of all kinds. I wish I had my own pack of cheerful, loyal, cheroot-smoking t This was the sort of book I like to linger over, just enjoying the pretty words and the vivid images.

Longer review will, probably, come once I have new internet supplier. Taylor has crafted her own creation myth in this story, and it was quite interesting. May 29, James M. About this title Audio Format. I will wait for Laini’s next YA book. The Sleeper and the Spindle.


I love that you can see her skill and her flair evolve over her books. Blackbringer by Laini Taylor 2 3 Jun 13, But the Blackbringer may be too powerful even for this determined faerie. They love her dearly and their love is reciprocated in spades.

While the book didn’t end on a cliffhanger, it’s set up in such a way that the reader blackbringwr that there’s more to this world. She’d blackbrinegr thought of love as. I agree that the ending was a bit rushed and didn’t tie up all of the loose ends about the pretender faerie queen. A Thousand Pieces of You. Magpie Windwitch is a roaming faerie who fights devils that humans are releasing from bottles that had been sealed by fairies long ago. Blackbringer is well done fantasy fiction with faeries.

Apr 14, Maria marked it as abandoned.

They match the playful spirit of Dreamdark, and are perfect for a Middle Grade fantasy. I have visual images of Batch, the scavenger imp, that I will never get out of my head! The only thing I can do is tell you to read it.

Blackbringer (Faeries of Dreamdark #1) by Laini Taylor

I can only hope that her banishment leaves the potential for a return and a revenge plot one day. The novel moves along we 3.


When the ancient evil of the Blackbringer rises to unmake the world, only one determined faerie stands in its way. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

She’s young for her race, about a hundred years old, but she’s determined to do something for their dying world. How to write a great review. At a time when fantasy readers have an embarrassment of riches in choosing blackbribger worlds to fall in love with, this first novel by a fresh, original voice is sure to stand out. When she discovers a loosed devil that seems different than all of the rest, she returns home for the first time in 80 years to get answers.

I liked the characters, including Magpie, the lead heroine, and her murder of crows who she travels with.

The story isn’t told entirely from Magpie’s perspective, and sometimes Taylor switches back and forth between POV characters during a single chapter.