CH CA C CA CA20B. C C CA25 CH A – E. 2. CA A – E. 2. CA A – E. 2. experience by Kraus & Naimer in the design and manufacture of . Example: Coding for switch type CH10 with latching mechanism size S1 is. This ‘Short Form’ catalogue illustrates only a small selection of the KRAUS & NAIMER switches. Other switches available are: A11, A14, AD11, AD12, CH

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See Mounting Diagrams for details. The CHR-Series for ring type terminals. Main switches are equipped with electro-gray or black handles. It can be ordered separately as K3A D The many optional extras for the KG-series include krzus extensions, door clutches, neutral and ground terminals, up to eight auxiliary contacts, terminal covers and various locking devices.

Kraus & Naimer – Catalogues

Forced opening and closing main contacts are standard. As the miniature version of the series, the CG4 re-defined miniaturization in low-voltage switching. Guide Guide of handles Catalogues. The terminals are in the same plane and in line with the connecting wires or bus-bars and fingerproof up to the A switch. The arcing time has been reduced to some milliseconds using permanent magnets in the contact body. Voltmeter selector Diagram Mounting.

Discrepancy switch Mosaic panel board. Reduced arcing time Compact design Not polarity sensitive Up to V.

All enclosures are equipped with a ground terminal. Each enclosure has either knock-outs for metric threads according to EN or metric treated conduit entries on top and bottom. Extra safety without extra effort: On-Off switches are available with three to eight poles, double-throw switches with three or four poles and a special version for applications in motor control centers is available.


The CG-Series saves space: Main switches with emergency function are supplied with red handle and contrasting yellow face plate.

CH10, CH16 ring terminal: They are designed for switching of resistive or naimfr loads.

Approval Naimerr of conformity Product certification. Safety switch interlocks with lid to prevent opening in ‘ON’ position are supplied with enclosures. Maintenance and Safety Switch enclosures are available with high UV-resistance or against an aggressive environment. Large terminals with captive screws and fingerproofing up to A are valuable practical advantages as is the integrated screwdriver guide for the use of motorized screwdrivers.

KG-switches are extremely compact while featuring ,raus large haimer distances between open contacts for maximum safety.

Until now the extra safety resulting from using ring type terminals had required extra effort and time to connect them. Handle changeover switch Diagram Mounting. The terminal screw had to be fully removed to namer the ring type terminal before the screw could be re-inserted in a fairly cumbersome fashion.

The CA has gold-plated contacts and guarantees reliable switching, even under adverse, aggressive environmental conditions. Other values on request. Another advantage relating to installation is the integrated snap-on feature for DIN-rails on base dh10 switches up to A. Using this optional extra countering is not necessary for tightening the terminal screws.

Axial arrangement of the terminals allows mounting of CG-switches in very close proximity of each other. The switches of the L-Series from A to A are continuous current rated for off-load switching. With rated operational currents from 16 amps to 64 amps and voltages from 80 to using a utilization category of DCB or DCA, a solution for most isolator applications within the solar photovoltaic market can be found.

Fingerproof terminals, accessible either horizontally or vertically, captive plus-minus screws maimer integrated screwdriver guides designed for the use of motorized screwdrivers are some clear practical advantages of the CA-Series.


KRAUS & NAIMER Short Form Catalogue – page 7

With specific models for all current ratings they offer an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. The time required for loosening the terminal screws, stripping, preparing of the conductors and tightening of the terminal screws again can be saved.

To complement this series a complete range of AC switch disconnectors is also available in totally insulated enclosures, this enables the contractor to obtain his switch disconnector requirements for the entire installation from one nakmer. CH10, CH16 Ring terminal: The CA-Series with fingerproof terminals from 10 A to 32 A is ideally suited for many standard applications where industrial controls, instrumentation and electric motors are involved. Auxiliary contacts close after the main contacts close and open before main contacts open.

Up on request the switch disconnectors are available with door clutch systems and padlock devices.

Kraus & Naimer CH10 HD A600 Rotary Switch

This variability provided by the modular design system, power ratings for every application, and two different design variants permit optimization naimef KG-switches for a large variety of requirements. Disconnectors for Photovoltaic DC Applications: For low-voltage applications down to switching of electronic signals the CA4 and CA are offered.

Maintenance and Safety Switches consist of switch disconnectors equipped in high strength durable plastic enclosures which were designed with extra space for easy wiring. The CHR-Series features captive terminal screws as well as fingerproof terminals for ring type terminal connections.

In this way the terminal screws can be reached oblique from krxus front Base mounting or the rear Panel mounting.