Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. RM Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. sa Kultura at Panitikang Popular. Choose a template. Filipino 8 Kontemporaryong Panitikan Komentaryo sa Radyo #Experiential Learning. Phone, Suggest a phone number Kontemporaryong Panitikan. 1 like. Concentration or Major. Posts about Kontemporaryong Panitikan. There are no stories.

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Students discover the beauty of the artistic craft of the writer, the controlling themes and the lasting human values incorporated in the This course presents the different approaches and literary theories necessary for effective interpretation and of different literary forms or genres. Tailoring is type of garment construction usually for suits pants and coats, which requires the application of shaping principles not usually employed in the construction of dresses.

It also included marine transportation refrigeration and air conditioning, which involves heating, cooling and dehumidification. Guevarra-bio-gws – University of Illinois at Chicago. kontempiraryong

Establish linkages with non-government komtemporaryong government organizations and render community extension services. Students will go through the experience of formulating and posing problems and actual solving of both routine and non-routine mathematical problems.

All these are designed to give the students an adequate foundation of developing their taste, appreciation and skills which they may suitably apply in classroom, at home, and in the community. Psychology 1 — General Psychology A study of human behavior and mental process and the application of kontempkraryong principle on human development, perception, learning memory, cognition, motivation, emotion, mental abilities, personality and its assessment, conflict, adjustment and mental health, and social order.

When the number of hours lost by absence reaches 20 percent of the hours for recitation, lecture, laboratory or any other scheduled work in a subject, a student shall be given a grade of 5. Physics 9 — Physics for Health Sciences 2 with Lab A secondary course intended for education students majoring in biological sciences, It includes topics in waves, electricity, magnetism and optics.

Techno 5 – Advance Furniture Design, Construction, and Wood Machine Operation Technology 5 covers advanced furniture designing, manufacturing process and various machine operations.

Likewise, it provides concepts that will prepare students to teach HELE in the elementary level and engaged in home-based industries. In case the class standing is not passing and the student fails to take the kontempoaryong examination for any reason, a grade of 5. English 4 — Literatures of the World This course identifies the important works of renowned writers from the different parts of the world and focuses on the literary development of the leading national literatures. It also covers sets and its operations, number system, mathematical systems, symbolic logic, set theory, relations and functions.


Filipino 7 — Ang Kurikulum ng Filipino sa Batayang Antas ng Edukasyon Tumatalakay sa mga batayang teoritikal, nilalaman, katangian at panuntunan sa pagpapatupad ng naistrukturang kurikulum sa Filipino.

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Techno 6 — Automotive Drive Train and Shop Management It deals with the automotive drive trains which carry power from the engine to the vehicles wheels. This course develops the probability models with notions of sample spaces, events, relative frequency. It offers the students an opportunity to learn when and how mathematics can be used in many different real life situations.

Shifting of Course 1. Pagangkop ng kurikulum sa mga kondiyon at sitwasyong lokal. It consists of a clutch in some vehicles transmission driveline and drive axle with the final drive gearing differentials. While Test Item Analysis will be accomplished right after quarterly examination. It aims to put out food item that is nourishing, satisfying, palatable, aesthetic, acceptable, and free from toxic or deleterious substances and prepared under sound and sanitary condition at the minimum cost.

It also includes social and party activities which provide increased opportunities for people to share fun and fellowship. Candidates for graduation who began their studies under a curriculum more than ten years old shall be governed by the following rules: Techno 7 – Introduction to Compute Aided Design A study of the basic concepts and features of a computer-aided design software.

The course topics include curriculum models, principles and approaches in designing, delivering and assessing the curriculum. This course includes musical activities which will help the students to develop a keen adjustment to good music.

Techno 6 – Hair Coloring and Chemical Hair Relaxing The course deals with the processes of hair coloring, hair tinting and hair bleaching for faded hair. The model form is an essential equipment in dress designing. It includes skills development in various methods of pin curling, plain rolls, finger waving and different hair parting. It develops the ability to assemble and finish tailored garments according to the current trend methods.


It provides students the knowledge and skills, which are essential to give them more confidence to go into entrepreneurial ventures.

Kontemporaryong Panitikan

It intends to train students in the operation of paanitikan wood working machines to cut, shape and assemble parts. The residence work must be done immediately prior to graduation. The topics included are geometric relationships, triangles congruence, quadrilaterals, similarity, circles, geometric constructions, plane coordinate geometry and kontemporsryong figures. It will require them to recognize the feasible approaches to be utilized with the learner considering the different phases of his development.

Social Science 13 — Production of Social Studies Instructional Materials This course provides varied opportunities for students to engage in systematic planning of instructional materials in different social science disciplines utilizing appropriate objectives and teaching strategies for a given content of instruction. It also introduces the development of fundamental procedures and technical know-how of mass production work and the consideration of the factory system.

Dismissal — any student who obtains final grades below 3. Field Study 5 — Learning assessment Strategies This course allows students to have hands on experience in designing an assessment tool, launching this in the classroom and evaluating the results based on the principles of testing. Training is given such operation as pressing, shaping and handling skills making sleeves, collars, lapel and joining parts of the garments finishes.

If in the opinion of the Dean the absence is justifiable, the student may be given examination.

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She make use of a commercial dress form or, if non is available, may improvise one. A student who has been absent for three 3 consecutive meetings should be reported by the faculty member concerned kontenporaryong the Guidance Counselor through the Dean, stating he knows the reason for the absence. It also covers quantity cookery for catering services. English 7a — Philippine Literature in English This course covers pieces of Philippine Literature from its genesis up to its maturity.

This also kontemporarying the proper installation of different types of air application and servicing commercial system.