“Brilliantly written. An inspired thriller. His finest work.” —The Washington Post “A masterpiece of terror.” —Los Angeles Times“Completely plotted, thickly. Koko. Peter Straub, Author Dutton Books $ (0p) ISBN a playing card with “Koko” scrawled on it, was also a member of the platoon. Koko, released in , was Peter Straub’s first solo novel since ‘s collaboration with Stephen King, The Talisman. Straub had been a.

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It’s done its job. The only economical means of managing the journey from Kennedy airport to Westport, Strab is by a van or bus under the management of the sadly misnamed Connecticut Limousine Company, which deposits the weary traveler in the parking lot of a Westport motel. Koko realises she has entered but is not sure of her whereabouts. It stayed with me.

KOKO By Peter Straub |

Mine might be a bit further down, but starub still well past wherever the demarcation line indicating the place where enjoyment begins. I realized at some point that I was the cat in this cat-and-mouse game with Straub continually pull the rug out from under me. In other words, he had time to formulate proper, considered answers.

At least he changed his ways and did a decent job of writing KOKO. Aug 17, Julie Failla Earhart rated it it was ok. It’s also made very clear that he didn’t participate in many of the atrocities shraub in Vietnam, and that he genuinely cares for those around him.

All four of these guys are given a good bit of the narrative, although Harry probably gets less of it than the others. I agree; it’s no stretch at all to think that Straub might have sraub King, especially some of the more But did I like that confusion King, not so much; he’d think it was too artsy-fartsy.

Unless I’m in a forgiving mood or biased to the artist in question.

And, for good measure, one for the Henry James novel: Otherwise, how could he manage to keep us interested and guessing throughout one page book, let alone three? It cannot be seen unless you look at it from a certain phyical perspective in relation to the painting. Michael, Underhill, Maggie, Conor, and Ellen all survive, however Beevers commits suicide six months after the scene in the basement, having no purpose in his life and no more illusions of grandeur to hold onto.


But is that the fault of Florence St. The salesman wanted him to become an athlete, the nurse thought he would do well as either a doctor or a Lutheran minister, but all he wanted to do was to learn to read. Only an author writing with great confidence could have pulled this one off.

But especially weird and relevant, i think, is the anamorphic skull ;eter the painting. Tina does have a very brief fling with a trans woman named Dracula, though, and doesn’t seem super concerned about whether she might actually have been a he.

King’s primary focus is on story, with a strong secondary focus on character and a strong tertiary focus on prose style. This book is a real good tale about post Vietnam syndrome as felt by the people that were there. Beevers then remembers, belatedly, that the knife had fallen through a hole in his coat pocket earlier on that day, and he transferred it to the same pocket as the handcuffs, to make it easier to find.

He could have told the same story, shortened by about pages. And that side of my brain is often impressed by Straub; so let’s not discount the notion that while I might prefer King’s approach, there’s a secret part of me that prefers Straub’s.

Pumo, Spitalny, Beevers, Linklater, Underhill are all real people who will stay with you, and Koko is the ghost that haunts them all.

Tina’s girlfriend, an attractive young Chinese woman named Maggie Lah, comes to visit him shortly thereafter. Pwter I ever see a playing card prter the word “Koko” written on it In an interview with Peter Straub, posted on Youtube, he states that Koko was his best writing experience. Jul 23, James Renner rated it it was amazing. I shouldn’t have to say that. Paperbackpages. I’m having such a hard time focusing on this book when I’m reading it. Apr 13, Sam Reader rated it really liked it.


Because my own petwr about the novel have not finished baking yet — and probably would be able to do so without a deep reread, an intense bout of note-taking, and a multi-part exploration in blog-post format — I am struggling to convey anything cogent about this novel. At the same time, I applaud that he takes his work seriously, he just can’t seem to trust his imagination not to repeat itself, or something like that.

KOKO By Peter Straub

But Kokp wouldn’t have cut a bit of it out, even the Under Venus -esque bits with Michael and Harry’s ex or soon to be -wives. This has been a group read with The Eclectic Club.

Will put my thoughts together at a later date when I have more time. He discovered Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac, patron saints of wounded and self-conscious adolescence, and also, blessedly, jazz music, which spoke of utterance beyond any constraint: Koko is not lurid and Peter Straub does not make it lurid. None have anything particularly odd to say about Spitalny, though Michael agrees to meet one of them for lunch the next day and another for drinks that evening.

In other words, it could be misused and end up being an incredibly empty gesture. I thought I could see quite clearly how it might all play out.

Klko yeah for me I read about an antagonist like Koko or the Dragon and I have way too many questions I get irritated for even having to ask. But, I have never tried to read the next book in the series because I was satisfied with this novel entry.

Koko by Peter Straub

Second, the tone really helps the petr. Underhill and Maggie alert Michael after finding a bloody knife on a lower level of a tenement building that they were hiding in. In a interview for Horror MagazineStraub said that Floating Dragon had represented him going as far as he could go with “supernatural special effects.