KDS Crystals datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Abstract: kds 2 pin crystal oscillator mhz KDS CRYSTAL. – crystal oscillator KDS Abstract: KDS CRYSTAL KDS 11, oscillator kds FCX03 KDS 8F KDS Text: iLink. Buy 5H14ET Crystal Oscillator, MHz, ±50ppm HCMOS, TTL 15pF, Pin PDIP, x x mm 5H14ET Browse our latest.

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Coupled modes are worse than the AT cut, resistance tends to be higher; much more care is required to convert between overtones. The short-term stability is measured by four main parameters: XIN can be driven by an external frequency source.

KDS Crystals datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

By calculating the RMS current flowing through the circuit and being given the maximum series. Special cuts can be made with linear temperature characteristics; the LC cut is used in quartz thermometers.

Many applications call for a crystal oscillator frequency conveniently related to some other desired frequency, so hundreds of standard crystal frequencies are made in large quantities and stocked by electronics distributors. The crystal resonator 11.0952 also be seen as a highly frequency-selective filter in this system: When a crystal of quartz is properly cut and mounted, it can be made to distort in an electric field by applying a voltage to an electrode near or on the crystal.

Mechanical stresses also influence the frequency.


A major reason for the wide use of crystal oscillators is their high Q factor. Quartz crystals with high levels of alkali metal impurities lose Q with irradiation; Q of swept artificial crystals is unaffected. Only approved crystals can be used with this device as the analog VCXO has internal osciklatorcrystals can be found in Table 6 on page 6.

These effects can be used to adjust the frequency at which a crystal oscillates. Temperature-sensitive, can be used as a sensor. Other factors influencing the frequency are the power supply voltage, load impedance, magnetic fields, electric fields in case of cuts that are sensitive to them, e.

Applying excessive drive level to the quartz crystal may cause deterioration forNotes Common points for all products: Less sensitive to drive levels. Helium can cause similar issues when it diffuses through glass enclosures of rubidium standards.

Crystal oscillator

Allowing for capacitance due to board layout traceswill decrease by 0. But, like crydtal other mechanical resonators, crystals exhibit several modes of oscillation, usually at approximately odd integer multiples of the fundamental frequency.

Sweeping under crysttal at higher temperatures and field strength can further reduce the crystal’s response to X-ray pulses. High magnitudes of shocks may tear the crystals off their mountings especially in the case of large low-frequency crystals suspended on thin wiresor cause cracking of the crystal.

CY KDS 11, oscillator kds 2 pin crystal oscillator Crystals arefor electrical connections to the quartz wafer. Operates in thickness shear mode, in b-mode fast quasi-shear. A crystal can be represented by its electrical equivalent. A consequence of these activity dips is that the oscillator may lock at a spurious frequency at specific temperatures. The gap between the electrodes and the resonator act as two small series capacitors, making the crystal less sensitive to circuit influences.


Any request for a non-approved crystal must be submitted to Cypress. The large ones are large enough to allow some mobility of smaller ions and molecules through the crystal. The thickness of the quartz blank is about 1. CY kds 2 pin crystal oscillator For this reason, atomic oscillators are used for applications requiring better long-term stability and accuracy.

Crystal Parameters Parametercharacteris tics of the piezoelectric crystal and the on-chip crystal oscillator circuitry designed into the. Far fewer activity dips.

KDS CRYSTAL datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The etch channel density for swept quartz is about 10— and significantly more for unswept quartz. For crystals operated at series resonance or pulled away from the main mode by the inclusion of a series inductor or capacitor, significant and temperature-dependent spurious responses may be experienced.

Used in one of the first crystal oscillators in crydtal W. Another quality indicator is the etch channel density; when the crystal is etchedtubular channels are created along linear defects.