JAIMINI SUTRAS Part 1 CONTENTS Preliminary Observations: Geneology of Adhyaya 2, Pada 3-(Chapter 2, Part 3) Sthira Dasas, Navamsa Dasas. We have secondly Kalachakra Dasas and thelongevity given by them. some other karaka, If Kuja joins or aspects the 7th from Jaimini Sutras. However, when one reads P. S. Sastri’s translation of the Jaimini Sutras, Mr. Rao’s texts go the furthest in explaining how the Jaimini dasa systems work, and .

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We get 81, in the reverse order we get 18, divided by 12 have the balance 6 and Kanya Navamsa represents the 6th from Mesha.

If so, what should the astrological student do when all the eight systems give eight different periods. Interesting work on Jaimini Sutra. NOTES The gunners, cooks, engine drivers and those engaged in various preparations in or near fire are indicated.

Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 1

There are Rajas with a few lakhs and emperors with many crores. This will be Anyway I write below relevant reference. Fie is in M ithuna or the 4th.

Thus we get 16, reading in the reverse order we get After the planets are placed correctly in their degrees and minutes, it becomes easy for a student to find out who gets the highest number of degrees of Kalas. If the Sun occupies the Karakamsa, the person will be fond of public service and will work in political activities. Indicates grandparents, husband, father and children. From Wikipedia, the jaimihi encyclopedia. Adhyaya 1, pada 1- Chapter 1, Part 1 Meanings of Astrological terms defined-Aspects of Dasaas and Zodiacal Signs-Differences of Principles in Astrology and their reconciliation Necessity for a study of general and special principles-Pneumonics in Sanskrit Mathematics -Bad influences and their counteract!


Each may deal with different sets of articles and find a daeas, which will have the efficacy of completely curing fever and all such disorders. The planet next in degrees to Bhratrukaraka becomes Matrukaraka, and the planet next in degrees to Matrukaraka becomes Putrakaraka.

Mithuna, Kanya Dhanusand Meena the four double- bodied or common house; aspect each other and there is no difficulty about them. When the Jaimini dasa of Jamini runs, dsas the sign of Cancer has strength from Jupiter, Mercury or its lord by rashi aspect we can expect the spouse to manifest during that time period.

If the 9th from Karakamsa is occupied or aspected by benefics, the person will have truth as his ideal and motto. Children thus become an absolute necessity, for the continuation of the human species. Divided by 12, we get balance of 1.

We do not know if there sutfas any other language in this world which has anything like the sutras. If the Atmakaraka joins Simha Navamsa, troubles will come through dogs and such canine animals. The question come only when we realize that Chara Dasa and its Paryaya Dasa, both have a similar Padakrama. The merging of two or three planets into one karaka has to be fully explained.

Ravi is in a movablesign and does not aspect Budha but aspects Simha, Vrischika and the planet Sani in it and Kumbha and Chandra in it. TheGulikakala has been suttras stated by the commentators. Therefore thee 8th from Vrischika will be the Fasas Lagna and it falls in M ithuna. Na represents O in theTavarga as it stands as the 10th from Ta and therefore represents cipher. Chara variable dasa system: If the fourth from the Karakamsa is occupied by an exalted planet, the person will have many fine and splendid houses.


But when he is ill combined and badly aspected and debilitated he becomes jaaimini evil Councillor or an adviser who brings disgrace on himself and also on surras to whom he offers his counsel.

By this the author means, all those results from the positions of the planets in the 1st and the Karakamsa must or may be predicted by the combi nation of the above planets in the 2nd and 3rd houses from the Karakamsa.

Jaimini Astrology, Jaimini system of Astrology, sage Jaimini’s hindu vedic astrology system

If Moon is in the 4th from Karakamsa and has the aspect of Sukra, the person will suffer from white leprosy. Sani with the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa lifts the person to a high position in that line and gives him great reputation and name. Their breasts may not be large or heavy but their lacteal glands do make brisk work and secrete mi Ik. Join 4, other followers.