Here’s a resource for all Hunters, but especially those who are new to the Vigil. that may be useful to players and storytellers, both from Hunter: The Vigil and the other Chronicles of Darkness gamelines. SAS – Spearfinger. White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Block by Bloody Block White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Blood Drive White Wolf. Blood Drive ($ PDF) is the newest installment from White Wolf’s Storytelling Adventure System. This Hunter: the Vigil adventure offers an action-oriented.

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Once upon a time, my friend David ran a Delta Green game.

The Legend of Spearfinger – The Happy Force

The new Review Guidelines have been posted on the Flames Rising website. It seemed somehow important that he ask. Some are better then others. Something is inside my skin.

While some Conspiracies are governmental bodies such as Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit and Task Force Valkyrie, it is still frowned upon to fling bolts of energy from your mind or firing off a howitzer sized rail-gun in public.

The Fallen Orpheus Vampire: Posted on April 11, by Flames. As they dwindled down their successful runs only to reboot them, I found myself enjoying their releases less and less. Living With The Vigil. Posted on May 20, by Flames. Many belong to hunter organizations-the more localized compacts, or the globe-spanning conspiracies.

Compacts can extend their reach to encompass large geographical regions, and even become global in scope spearifnger the medium of the internet if the compacts are particularly net savvy. Joining such a group comes with varying advantages-safety in numbers, a paycheck, access to unique weapons and critical information, and camaraderie. Detective Kim, one of the NPCs that can easily be established ahead of time, has come to the PCs because he is tracking a Slasher called the Calculator.


Hunters operate socially, in collectives and groups of sperfinger sizes. The Collection of Horrors is an vigll of Storyteller tools inspired by the Horror Recognition Guide that you can either use in conjunction with the Guide or as part of your existing Hunter: Eventually once those three Slashers are faced and dealt with the PCs face off against the demon that is influencing everything.

Vampire Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom Mage: Posted on May 12, by Flames. We have lots of great titles in digital format and even get advance copies sometimes. Horror Recognition Guide for Hunter: For many hunters carrying the Vigil, the hunt is only one part of their lives. Some conspiracies date back thousands of years; others are relatively modern.

Hunter: The Vigil

Conspiracies sacrifice flexibility for access to serious backup and firepower, including their Endowments. The Apocalypse List of books Mage: White Wolf appears to be currently composed of scientists rather than writers. No, these are the sections of any city, ready to be dropped into whatever city fancies your gaming group.

Become a Fan on Facebook! Cells operate independently of one another, frequently without even being aware of the existence of other cells in the region. Below are going to be spoilers for the Murder Will Out. The Slashers can be taken and used elsewhere.

His wife and step-child had […]. The NPCs are well described and have easy- to- understand character sheets.

There is no other way for the players to learn this information and there is no way to move forward without it. Sometimes I feel the borders in games are a little hit and miss; however, the borders to this character collection fit perfectly.


The layout to the PDF is amazing. The Calculator is a little bit like a super hero villain.

Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Haitian Creole-language text. They have released pre-generated characters for players who need that sort of thing.

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This monstrous tome pushes four hundred pages and yet somehow manages to enrapture the reader. This mix of Horror and Dark Fantasy game products from large publishers and small press shows off just a few of the interesting items that were available at the convention. Everywhere you turn, a vampire eats some poor factory worker. A story in the Storytelling Adventure System for Hunter: Some PDF releases really explore the potential behind pure digital media.

Hunter: The Vigil – Wikipedia

The smallest organizational unit in which hunters operate is the cell. The Slashers are not equal or all interesting.

Posted on August 7, by spikexan. Beyond helping out fellow Flames Rising readers by letting them know what you think of these products, we’re giving away some pretty cool stuff. Murder Will Out is reasonable urban adventure, but will need some help from the Storyteller to be a memorable experience. Thursday, 3rd October, I am powerless and small in my own […] [ In fact there are three Slashers in this adventure and of them will have a chance to kill the player characters in their own way.

But it also comes replete with new problems: The map darkens with spreading red.