( A), and ( A, flexible), HIOKI also provides the (5 A) sensor .. A display screen and operation keys identical to those for the appear, allowing full control of . Measurement time control: Manual/Specified time. POWER QUALITY. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. ANALYZER HIOKI. MEMORY HiCORDER. Trigger input terminal. Anomaly. The Hioki PW is a 3P4W power quality analyzer compliant to Class A standards for diagnosing and recording complex power quality problems in the power.

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In addition, screens for normal mode e. Note that only periods shorter than the recorded period can be selected.

Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for SD cards made by other manufacturers. Previous Display the data for a designated period recorded prior to the present or end time.

An optional current sensor is necessary to measure current or power parameters. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Overview Specifications Downloads Options Applications Gallery Hioki portable power meters and analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring 396 to three-phase lines with a high degree of hiokki and accuracy. Flag Include flagged data in the Including flagged data statistics Do not include flagged data in Excluding flagged data the statistics This is offered to see the judgment without the effect of dip, swell and interruption events which affect all parameters.

Signaling The data displayed in the Signaling screen is one-day data of the specified date, because EN standards require that signal- ing be assessed terms of one-day periods. Event settings The following items are fixed values and cannot be changed. Displays the item selected uxer the drop-down list box accompanied by an explanation.


Voltage waveform peak, Current waveform peak En Measurement Parameters 5. The frequency range is from Hz to Hz in 5 Hz steps.

Download Program for POWER QUALITY ANALYZER – Hioki

For operating environment, maintenance, and disposal at end of life, the same conditions apply as to the main Events In the hilki mode, when an event manyal, an event is counted twice. This setting does not affect the measurement calcu- lations directly. Sample combinations of the display method and period Method Start date Period ex. Page 25 Changing the flagging Harmonic Incl.

Settings In Mode Screen 4. The details of each screen are explained as follows.

Hioki 3196 Instruction Manual

Page 21 Changing the display method Overview example Select from pull- down menu Display the data from measurement start to the present or end time Display the data for a designated period Previous recorded prior to the present or end time Display the data for manyal designated period Specific Confirm Cancel from a specified date Preparation for Measurement 2.

By initializing the settings before starting measurement, EN measurement can be started without making further complicated settings.

Common Display Areas 3. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Limitations In En Mode 2. As such, setting in the system screen 33196 normal mode will not be possible. Gallery No results were found. Pc Card PC application software. Harmonic Changing the display method Harmonic SELECT manuap Select from pull- Display the data from measurement start down menu to the present or end time Display the data for a designated period Previous recorded prior to the present or end time Enter text from picture: U range setting Settings1 U Range Set ch range only.


However, signaling in the Overview screen is the result of statistics from the uaer period as other parameters. Indicates the name of an item displayed on the screen. Log into your myHioki account to access more technical documents and information where available.

The default values are set forth by the EN standard, but they can be modified arbitrarily. Bar graph display The ratio of Good results in the display period is displayed as a value and a bar graph. K Factor multiplication factor However, these data cannot be loaded to the unit. The ratio of Good judgment in the designated period is displayed as a numeric value and bar graph. This data can be loaded on the main unit only. Confirm Cancel You can set the optional nominal voltage within the 50 to range.

Page 41 Unbalance Settings2 Unbalance Set unbalance value.