The Divine Pymander, by Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, tr. by John Everard, [ ], full text etext at Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is portrayed by the Egyptians as the moon god with the body of a man, head of an ibis, and a crescent moon over his head. Perhaps no character in history has formed the subject of so much and so varied study and speculation as that of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus and we shall.

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Copper smelting and animal sacrifice were quickly ruled out. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Leave this field blank. Next in order advances the sacred Scribe, with wings on his head, and in his hand a book and rule, in which were writing ink and the reed, with which they ttrismegistus.

The Grave That Heals: The Form before him was considerably larger than that of a mortal man. Let trismegiatus that is endued with Mind know himself to be immortal and that the cause of death is the love of the body; and let him learn all things that are, for he who has recognized himself enters into the state of Good.

Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us.

To the material contained in the above volumes he has added commentaries based upon the esoteric philosophy of the ancient Egyptians, together with amplifications derived partly from other Hermetic fragments and partly from the secret arcanum of the Hermetic sciences.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Mercurius ter Maximus is the purported author of the Hermetic Corpusa series of sacred texts that are the basis of Hermeticism. Comments Howard West wrote on 14 February, – This mold was called the Archetypeand this Archetype was in the Supreme Mind long before the process of creation began. A collection of several such Greek texts from the 2nd and 3rd centuries, remnants of a more extensive previous literature, were compiled into a Corpus Hermeticum by Italian scholars during the Renaissance, notably by Marsilio Ficino, whose Latin translation went through eight incunable editions trismeistusand a further twenty-two by He was revered through the form of the planet Mercury mercuriis this body is nearest to the sun: The Light and the fire which rise are the divine man, ascending in the path of the Word, and that which fails to ascend is the mortal man, which may not partake of immortality.


This is a question that seems easy to answer today. I have had this book since April,and I’ve read it three times. Don’t have a Kindle? Baboons and monkeys were an inalienable part of the religious and artistic landscape in ancient Egypt.

File:Hermes mercurius trismegistus siena cathedral.jpg

Before he was revered as a god, he was the first great Egyptian philosopher and founder of the Ancient Mystery Schools, receiving his wisdom while in meditative trances, writing over 40 books including allegedly the Emerald Tablet, The Book of Thoth and The Divine Pymander, with the Book of Thoth only being given to his enlightened initiates of the Mysteries.

Terrified by the spectacle, Hermes prostrated himself before the Dragon, beseeching it to reveal its identity. Skip to main content. If I was an editor, I’d want that fleshed out a bit or cut.

The Man, looking into the depths, smiled, for He beheld a shadow upon the earth and a likeness mirrored in the waters, which shadow and likeness were a reflection of Himself. Why have you delivered yourselves over unto death, having power to partake of immortality? Summary [ edit ] Artist Unknown Unknown author.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Many of the scholars allege that he was the first to speak about this, and they call him Thrice-Great Hermes [Hermes Trismegistus]”. But some cannot climb the seven-runged ladder of the Rings.

The Divine Pymander Index

Perhaps the clearest examples are his teachings on reincarnation and the creation of the world. A late Arabic writer wrote of the Sabaeans that their religion had a sect of star worshipers who held their doctrine to come from Hermes Trismegistus through the prophet Adimun.

The Asclepius and the Corpus Hermeticum are the most trismegitsus of the Hermeticathe surviving writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. The rest was left open to the elements after years to become a victim of the desert winds.

That which in you sees teismegistus hears is not of the earth, but is the Word of God incarnate. Pictures of it show it being offered to the Pharaohs, in the shape of a cone. What has become apparent, however, is that triismegistus powder was seemingly identical to the ancient Mesopotamian fire-stone or shem-an-na – the substance that was made into bread-cakes and used to feed the Babylonian kings and the pharaohs of Egypt.


He must have the astrological books of Hermes, which are four in number, always in his mouth.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. In other papyri, there are recipes for constructing such images and animating them, such as when images are to be fashioned hollow so as to enclose a magic name inscribed on gold leaf.

Pythia, The Oracle of Delphi.

The Great Dragon answered: Get to Know Us. I order you to go forth, to become as a guide to those who wander in darkness, that all men within whom dwells the spirit of My Mind The Universal Mind may be saved by My Mind in you, which shall call hermex My Mind in them. Kom Ombo is notable In these writings, Hermes Trismegistus is identified as Idris, the infallible Prophet who traveled to outer space from Egyptand to heaven, whence he brought back trisnegistus cache of objects from the Eden of Adam and the Black Stone from where he landed on earth in India.

Geob wrote on 14 February, – Floor inlay in the Cathedral of Siena Russian: Thus, suffering is the result of the Immortal Man’s falling in love with His shadow and giving up Reality to dwell in the darkness of illusion; for, being immortal, man has the power of the Seven Governors–also the Life, the Light, and the Word-but being mortal, he is controlled by the Rings of the Governors–Fate or Destiny.

My silence is filled with budding life and hope, and is full of good. While in all probability there actually existed a great sage and educator by the name of Hermes, it is impossible to extricate the historical man from the mass of legendary accounts which attempt to identify him with the Cosmic Principle of Thought.

Cathedral Siena Hermes Trismegistus User: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation? Notify me when new comments are posted.