tions générales / condizioni generali di contratto) and the house rules ( Hausordnung / Règlement d’immeuble / regolamento della casa). These conditions are. If the contract refers to the house rules [Hausordnung] then these rules . zum Mietvertrag fUr Wohnraume”, Ausgabe (HEV, SVIT, VZI). Hauseigentümerverband Hev Heizgradtage Hev Heizölpreise Hev Hausordnung Hev Hypothekenzins Hev Heizöl Hev Hev Formulare Hev.

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Apple Product Verification – German Speaking. It seems utterly unfair to refuse these guys’ application they’ve now withdrawn it because of this because of a condition that is not written down anywhere.

Taking baths at odd hours is another matter. Perhaps the nachmieter just got cold feet?

Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’

That should get you chucked out pretty quickly. Landlord has locked the rubbish rooms.

My kid is not really native English anymore? This means that landlords can interpret the law as they see fit. BB code is On. Rising rents in Zurich drive up national average. It’s not looking good by the sounds of it. The view of the Mieterverband: Have you spoken to the agency and tried to find out informally if there was a problem? Civilian on Battlefield COB.

Get notified about breaking news on The Local. If pets are not mentioned at all then pets are allowed. They are free to set their own house rules, for example, banning pets or insisting that permission is needed to keep them. Anyone flouting the rule risks eviction. She agreed to let her tenant keep a cat and even to fit a cat flap — provided it is removed when the woman moves out. I messaged the potential Nachmieters and explained this but they told me that the representative from the agency had threatened that they would be evicted if they were found to be breaking this “rule”.


Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’ Morven McLean. This provision is frequently included in the house rules fixed by the landlord, the association says.

Zurich apartment owner demands 27,franc deposit. Just to add husordnung the above, there is nothing written in the contract about pets at all, let alone this rule about cats remaining housebound. Adhering to the thicket of tenant rules governing everything from running baths to pet ownership can be even tougher, although misconceptions linger over when toilets hausordnuny be flushed. Looking for nachmeiter follow on hausornung.

Auskunftsbevollmachtigung Der Mieter bevollmachtigt den Vermieter, Auskunft uber den Zivilstand einzuholen. News categories Politics Technology Lifestyle More…. If the rules say the same as the administration then you are not off the hook and still fully liable according your contract.

We are looking for an Economics Teacher. Englishwoman Gillian Zbinden found her dream apartment in Thun after two years of hunting. Landlord has deterred Nachmieter Bad luck. I guess also it depends a little on the size of the apartment, 2 dogs and 3 cats is a lot in an apartment, especially if the cats haausordnung indoor cats Die Parteien bestatigen hausoddnung ihren Unterschriften, dass sie ein Exemplar erhalten haben und sich mit dem Inhalt einverstanden erklaren.

OP says they already OK’d the tenant with all his pets and the only dealbreaker is a condition to keep cats indoor. Why not borrow a litter of kittens and let them roam freely around the complex?


Official recognition for Jura-based French dialect. And then there are rules that govern the use of hausotdnung communal laundry room and taking a bath or shower at night.

Luxury apartments go unsold in Zurich West. Actually we do have a pet, however it is a dog not a cat and as such no hausordnkng were ever imposed upon us After many weeks of searching we finally found a new Nachmieter Die zustandigen Amter werden durch diesen Mietvertrag ausdrucklich zur Auskunft ermachtigt.

Posting Rules You may not post new threads. Landlord has deterred Nachmieter If the condition is in Hausordnung, it may still be a binding portion of your contract, as aSwissInTheUS says, so check what it says about pets.

Spanish hzusordnung Enterprise Support Advisor. Other pages Property market Noticeboard Discussion forum. More news Swiss property scam: A Swiss Federal Court decision from hauaordnung it clear that where a rental agreement contains a clause banning the keeping of pets, this is binding.

Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’ – The Local

If pets need approval then landlord may deny them no reason given. However, some argue that consideration for the rights of others goes too far and infringes personal freedoms, such as the right to keep an animal. As this isn’t a part of the contract, it’s not a valid reason to reject Nachmieter if he doesn’t agree to it.

Finding a place to rent in Switzerland is hard enough. But the advert clearly stated that no animals were allowed.