Hades’in Evi has ratings and reviews. Sariah the Authoress said: Disappointed.:(As of right now, my two-star review is about 0% of the r. Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hades’in Evi (Turkish Edition) [Rick Riordan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2. Argo tayfasi en onemli. Buy OLİMPOS KAHRAMANLARI 4 HADESİN EVİ by Rick Riordan from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and.

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While Riordan is still an amazing author when it comes to making an intriguing, plot driven book, I do believe that he failed his readers and in some ways his characters by not having them grow up.

I am not familiar with Greek mythology, and Riordan’s books have helped me understand the traits of the various Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods and goddesses and to become more familiar with their names and their ways. Easily the worst book in the series, despite the fact that Nico has an almost active part in it. The LGBT agenda is not about rights, it is using broken people as pawns, reveling in their brokenness.

Hades’in Evi

I usually don’t read books like this but I read it because I couldn’t think of anything else to read. It just didn’t seem necessary. It was, however, great character development, so I can’t totally hate it.

First off, they changed readers for this book, and while he was ok as a reader, it was not as good and rather frustrating.

Yes, Nico di Angelo, the guy that Riordan kinda sorta turned homosexual. It was not very memorable for me, and I think that is a very sad thing because I really enjoyed the first series hzdesin had high hopes for this new series.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But me now was sort of bored, it was a total leading up to the final shebang kind of book.


Hades’in Evi (The Heroes of Olympus, #4) by Rick Riordan (2 star ratings)

Here’s my issues with this book kind of dumb–some critiquing, then feeling guilty and justifying my own critique–read if you dare: I thought that it was inappropriate for kids my age. And HoH kinda reinforced that in the form of Caleo. I get it though its not Riordan’s thing, and he writes for a younger audience, and like I said before 12 year old me was all gooey over Annabeth and Percy’s love and I’ll always be teamAP but I feel like their should be some sort of next level for them.

To view it, click here. It got old and predictable. Up until the crew actually got to the House of Hades it was really quite boring except for Percy and Annabeth. I wonder if there is anyone out there who likes him, at all?

However, I do appreciate how the characters are fully fleshed out and dynamic. But this time I had a harder time getting into the story.

But honestly, the only reason I’m keeping at this series after three of the four books only get two stars is because Hasesin trying to make it to the Apollo series. This familiarity with ancient cultures is the primary reason I’d suggest his work to a youth or young adult.

I would not personally recommend this book to any of my friends however because Hadeson didn’t enjoy it myself. So before I write the review, let me throw in some perspective. Other than that, I found that the plot and development of other characters in this book were quite enjoyable to read about and a good continuation for the series.

I loved how she has to deal with not being good enough because she doesn’t have battle worthy powers and she’s expected to be pretty but she flips it around and saves the Argo 2 crew’s butts times. His and Annabeth’s tactics to get out of tough situations is getting old, and it’s becoming hard for me to understand why after who knows how many years, the monsters have not caught on.


Wvi started and finished it in a single day after having not read Riordan in more hadesun two years.

Olimpos Kahramanlari 4- Hadesin Evi : Rick Riordan :

But seriously, I love you guys. The Batman TV series had an endemic problem. I lose track times, but Another major issue is the author at time seems to be delving into the “anti-hero” concept. Sorry about that last cliff-hanger. First, my more positive words: It made for interesting [and, at times, humorous] conversations. At the end of the day this once delightful series has in my opinion “jumped the shark”. I personally extremely enjoyed the other 5 main characters, but in this series, Percy and Annabeth were becoming more and more annoying and harder to read.

Evo people claim it is because Percy and Gadesin are in Tartarus, but it is not that. I have read some of the other reviews for the book, so it is amusing to me how different it was for me to read as opposed to other readers [and fans]. What if Katniss was trying to battle Lesbian feelings in Mockingjay. Some might say hadesln the stressful places they’re put in wo It was a hqdesin Rick Riordan book, it had all of the fighting, flashbacks, foreseeing that his books usually do, and 12 year old me was loving.