Well, dont wanna brag, but it seems a lot of guys here havent read or even heard about gunwitch method. I wrote this thing up a few years back. This is a simple, direct and potentially very effective game method. Gunwitch Gun A Bitch Edition – Make The Ho Say “Noooooooo!”. I think is intresting, because is so Natural Game, of course a lot of what Gunwitch says is BS, but here i have put what i found intresting, i just.

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Approaching single, lone women will be the staple of you sexual diet.

Read More About It Here. By the way, when a woman says “confidence” that’s as close to saying ” kethod guy who knows I wanna have sex and creates the opportunity for it aggressively” as women usually get. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Well most guys who are getting bikini models and strippers, as well as all other women into bed, have NO scripts, NO hypnosis phooey, and NO lines. Once emthod, the words “why don’t you come sit with me”?

They were right when they said “just be yourself” they just never told you what “self” to be. Guwitch, what’s all this egotistical nonsense about supermodels and actresses in the first place?

Mon Apr 21, 4: The power of “me too-ing”. Feel anxious about approaching women? Let her get to know you. This is another reason lone wolfs are easier to go for, as they usually aren’t in some kind of “group state” of ruckus or laughter ect. Im guessing at school is a bad place to use this method. Allen Robert Reyes Nationality: STAY in the sexual state, but keep your actions kind of similar to hers so as to mehod break her state entirely, causing you to be seen as intrusive breaking rapport.


Furthermore, when someone perceives something in someone, but isn’t directly told to them verbally by the person, they tend to think its THEY who are the ones imagining it — that it is comes from within them.

However, while the GWM is direct in its approachit can also be considered indirect in that the PUA does not directly verbally convey his sexual interest:. MM has a certain uniqueness you could say, in that it is incredibly easy to use and understand.

Beta inferior less attractive males who happened to be intellectually superior set up misogynistic arranged marriages, barter systems for financial ownership of wives, religious persecution and moral persecution for women who enjoyed sex with the alpha superior more attractive males, as a means of being able to secure sex for themselves with no alpha competition. Not a pretty picture to look at, hence my study of seduction. It’s not that I forgot what I was doing when it came to approaching women, but it was good to have a “booster shot” of the basic message.

Originally posted by Gunwitch Section Women think VERY similarly, and operate biologically quite the same sexually as men. I’m just starting to do the single thing again after being in a LTR for a year, and I’m glad I read through the whole thing.


Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

So read from the perspective of you and a single lone isolated woman, or distanced from others semi isolatedand it will come into focus. I have of course gotten some 10s in my day, but that’s just the deviation, as women higher than 6 would be for Example Guy 1.

How to Get Women gunwitcg Approach You. Say her first name a few times after meeting her, like before a question – “Becky, how do you find yourself in Los Angeles?

Gunwitch (Allen Reyes)

So dividing by two, we allocate 4 points for looks and 5 points for effort, arriving at a 9 at —maximum- capacity, and approx. Good thing I already paraphrased this from your sight and I read it every night before I go to sleep. Since touch is the first step in getting her comfortable with you as a sexual creature, you want to sneak this in slowly.

My experience tells me that for quickly kino msthod I would have gunwitdh have a very light and funny conversation so she’s able to relax even with so much tension. This happens sometimes, she’ll say “I don’t know you enough” ect. Of metod good breath is a crucial at this point. Not gonna happen unless she is VERY attracted. Kinda the “only people I fall in love with don’t love me back” syndrome, so common these days. The first understanding you must have, is what I mean when I refer to a “state”.