This paper describes the fractionation, chemical and physical characterization of processed gum Ghatti (Gatifolia SD), and identifies the source of its surface. PDF | On Jan 1, , S. Al-Assaf and others published Characterisation of gum ghatti and comparison with GUM arabic. Gum ghatti. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirect page. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Redirect to: Anogeissus latifolia · To scientific name of a.

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No longer provide for the use of these seven synthetic flavoring substances.

Gum Ghatti

The colour varies from whitish yellow to amber depending gjm factors like the proximity of the tear to the bark, the length of time it has remained on the tree before being picked and the age of the product in storage. Ggum molecules may have an overall rod shape in solution. As an emulsifier of petroleum and non petroleum waxes to form liquid and wax paste emulsions. The emulsifying properties of Gum Ghatti are excellent and considered to be better than Gum Arabic and thus used in more difficult-to- handle systems The normal pH of the dispersion is 4.

The finer the particle size of the powdered gum, the faster the gum will swell and reach its maximum viscosity. The leaves are also fed on by the Antheraea paphia moth which produces the tassar silk Tussaha form of wild silk of commercial importance. The exudates are hand picked by the locals, mostly tribal and laid to gghatti in the sun for several days.


Chemical Characteristics Gum Ghatti is a calcium-magnesium salt composed of L-arabinose, D-galactose, D-mannose, D-xylose, and D-glucuronic acid in a molar ration of Properties Ghatto Gum Ghatti is almost odorless and has a bland taste.

Ghatti has been used ugm polyacrylamide to aid in the polymerization and formation of uniform and discrete prills of cross-linked polystyrene.

If the gum is coarser than mesh, the sols will be grainy and will require a longer time to reach maximum viscosity due to the individual gum particles swelling, but still maintaining their individual particles. Viscosity is a function of pH. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Benzoic acid, sodium acid as well as ghtati benzoate at 0. S 02 – Keep out of the reach of children. Methyl and proply parahydroxybenzoate at a maximum of 0.

The locals pick the gums not tree-wise but area-wise and so mix the gums of a large variety of locally growing trees.

The best crops are picked when the monsoon is not occurring, and the largest crop is harvested in April. Complete hydrolysis has shown that it is composed of L-arabinose, D-galactose, D-mannose, D-xylose and D-glucoronic acid in a molar ratio of Characterization of gum ghatti Anogeissus latifolia: The crude gum has a glossy fracture and occurs in rounded tears, which are normally less than 1 cm.


The lighter the color, the better the quality. Powdered Ghatti is light tan in colour and has bland taste and practically no odour Gum Ghatti is a complex polysaccharide of high molecular weight.

The addition of sodium salts ghattj carbonate, sodium chloride produces a typical viscosity reducing effect of simple electrolytes on a polymer. Its leaves contain large amounts of tannin, and are used in India for tanning.

Gum ghatti

Occurrence nature, food, other: The tree is the source of Indian gum, also known as ghatti gum, which is used for calico printing among other uses.

Gun also prevents fluid loss at elevated temperature. Used in powdered explosives to improve resistance to water damage. A Carrageenan gel will start losing some of its strength at pH below 4—5 and above Top of Page Home.

Gum Ghatti: Colony Gums

Gum Ghatti will not form a true gel. The tree is leafless during the whole ghattl the cold season; new leaves in April-May. Sifting, aspiration and density-table separation are used during this powdering to remove impurities.

It is highest at pH 8: