Lifestyle Evolution | The Social Supremacy Blueprint · greg greenway reveals his secrets to social circle supremacy in this eye opening. Note: The review below is about Greg Greenway’s “Social Supremacy Blueprint”, however he has recently launched a new program The King’s. Greg Greenway Social Supremacy Blueprint – greg-greenway-social-supremacy-blueprint/.

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It’s similar in theory to the Mystery Method, and involves being more indirect, and this kind of style is going to be more beneficial in higher-end venues. Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Definitely worth checking out if you supremady afford it, and especially for guys who want a lifestyle where they have access to lots of attractive women. That’s not to say any of these things are going to happen to you, as there are many variables at play here. Reviewed by Jackson Hunter Last Update: Being a social god and a sexual god are slightly different.

If you want an overview of his system then you can check out The King’s Game. Lifestyle Evolution The Social Supremacy Blueprint greg greenway reveals his secrets to social circle supremacy in this eye opening interview Last edited by tripz; at Dating Women From Social Circles Clearly the major motivating factor in putting in the time and effort to create this social lifestyle is the access it’ll give you to the types of women you’re most attracted to. He offers his blueprint as a module package of step-by-step courses delivered at a rate of 1 module per week.

Attraction – Standing out in a crowd as the attractive guy – Put guys in your social circle to grreenway skills and your game – What movies by yourself to improve seduction Module Originally Posted by daleinthedark.

A good resource to check out for this is 51 Handsome Guy Secrets. I see this more as a course for guys who are really serious about living life to the fullest and going for the most desired women on earth. Greg talks about how he flew to Los Angeles with only three contacts in his phone and within aocial months had a thriving social life, having been invited to the Playboy Mansion and flown on a private plane full of models to an island, amongst other things.


Ease of Implementation Is it practical? There’s also some advice here on what it means to be a person that everyone thinks is cool, how to not try so hard, the importance of listening and how to reframe uncomfortable situations so you find them comfortable.

So just be realistic here and use your common sense when you hear this type of thing. His advice for accessing the social circles: Register a free account to make them go away forever. If you struggle to hold conversations or create rapport glueprint people then before you consider Social Supremacy Blueprint, you might want to check out Conversation Escalation: A lot of these examples seem to be focusing on supermodels and celebrities, which is not really relevant for most guys anyway, but even these women are seen in normal places.

You’ll have to do a bit of planning and put some thought into exactly what kind of social life you want, and then invest some time in putting the plan into action. Effectiveness Is the content of high sociak American Date gteg Birth: If you’re a beginner then the interview with Jon Sinn is well worth a listen as he covers the importance of learning how to socialize and have normal conversations, and why you should focus on this before all the tactics and techniques that are taught in the pick up community.

The price is expensive. However you still have to be able to back this up with something, and if you don’t have the skills greenwah attract and connect with women then meeting them this way isn’t going to be a way around that issue.

There are also exercises included for most of the modules, so to really get the most benefit from the course and ingrain what you’re learning, it’s recommended you take the time to do the exercises as instructed. Share your thoughts with other users: One of these things is that if you want to date the hottest women the only way to do so is through their social circle, as they never go out to coffee shops, supermarkets gre other regular places.

It’s considerably cheaper but has less detail on how to implement the system. At other times he says women are discrete and won’t tell anyone if they sleep with you, so this was a bit contradictory. The Dynamics of a Social Circle – Positioning yourself with the right social circle people – The types of people that should not be your social circle – People that help increase your social circle Module 5: Value for Money Is the product worth the scoial paid for it?


Greg Greenway’s “Social Supremacy Blueprint” Review – Social Badassery?

suupremacy Social calibration means that you understand at times you will need to alter your behavior based on the social setting you’re in. He goes over his background, and his story a bit on his site, so that should give you the info you want, but suffice to say that the man does live the lifestyle he teaches, ie. Course Format There’s a member’s area for this product where you can watch all of the content online.

Social Supremacy Blueprint by Greg Greenway is designed for guys who want the ability to meet and date many quality women through being introduced to them via their social circles.

There are 14 different modules, most of which run for between 30 and 60 minutes. Discover how to bypass that and set up a stream of dates with gorgeous women in as little as 20 minutes a week.

The Social Supremacy Blueprint

A cold approach is when you start a conversation with a woman with her having no idea who you are, whereas a warm approach she’ll already know something about you.

Email has a typo. Please state sources where possible to make our job easier to verify the correctness of the information. Speak to Spark Arousal. Entourage Game – Getting seduced by women – Recruiting beautiful women into your social circle – The cons of developing an entourage circle, and the mistakes Module However it’s still a valid point that improving your sexual knowledge and skills is important, so to see what we recommend for this check out our sexual skills page.