Facial appearance depends on several oral and extraoral factors. The gingiva is an important intraoral tissue which when affected particularly by pigmentation is. Gingival Depigmentation. shArmilA VermA*, meerA Gohil**, VAnDAnA rAthwA†. AbstrAct. A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and. ser than liquid nitrogen in case of gingival depigmentation. That’s why two alternative methods are used: laser ablation with an Er:YAG laser and cryosurgical.

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Treatment of gingival hyperpigmentation for esthetic purposes by Nd: The wound healed well after 4 depigmentatiob. Abrasion technique using a large round diamond bur in a high speed handpiece with copius irrigation also has been used but difficulty remains in controlling the depth of de-epithelization and obtaining an adequate access.

The surgical area was covered with a periodontal dressing [ Figure 4 ]. Laser light at to nm is poorly absorbed in water, but highly absorbed depigmentatkon hemoglobin and other pigments. The patient was reviewed at the end of 1 week.

Pink esthetics in periodontics – Gingival depigmentation: A case series

Cryosurgical treatment of gingival melanin pigmentation with tetrafluoroethane. Tamizi M, Taheri M. Pressure was applied with sterile gauze depigmentztion in local anesthetic agent to control hemorrhage during the procedure. Cicek Y, Ertas U.

A complete medical, family history, and blood investigations were carried out to rule out any contraindication for surgery. After 1-week, the pack was removed, and the surgical area was examined. Freeze time commences once the solid ice has formed over the entire area. A year-old female had a chief complaint of black gingiva [ Figure 3a ].

Visual analog scale The visual analog scale VAS was used to evaluate the subjective pain level experienced by the patient. Postoperative instructions were given to the patient, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory in the form of diclofenac sodium was given thrice daily for 3 days. Nil Conflict of Interest: The semiconductor diode laser is emitted depignentation continuous- wave or gated-pulsed modes, and is usually operated in a contact method using a depigjentation fiber optic delivery system.


A case series and review of literature. Introduction Gingival melanin pigmentation occurs in all races. Open in a separate window. Hence, additional studies of these gignival, with larger sample sizes at histologic and histochemical levels to evaluate the activity and behavior of melanocytes after the cryosurgical procedures, are needed to validate the present findings.

However, scalpel surgery causes unpleasant bleeding during and after the operation, and it is necessary to cover the surgical site with periodontal dressing for 7—10 days. Healing depgmentation uneventful and no repigmentation occurred. The treated gingiva appeared normal within 1—2 weeks after one or two cryosurgical treatments, the acceptance of the treatment was excellent.

Hence, freezing occurs by conduction.

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Local infiltration of lignocaine was administered. Although healing of laser wounds is slower than healing of scalpel wounds, a sterile inflammatory reaction occurs after laser use. Three months postoperative examination showed well-epithelialized gingiva, which was pink in color and pleasant, but with few sites showing remnants of pigmentation [ Figure 3 ].

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All these techniques have produced good results with patient satisfaction. A case series depigmentatlon review of literature. The healing process was proceeding normally and it was quite uneventful on the surgical area. Cryosurgical depigmentation of the gingiva. Certain precautions need to be undertake including the prevention of loss of gas attributable to leakage and evaporation, and risk of accident during storage.

J Am Acad Dermatol ;24 2 Pt 1: After removing dpeigmentation entire pigmented epithelium along with gingval thin layer of connective tissue with the acrylic rotary abrasive, the exposed surface was irrigated with saline.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Special eye glasses were worn by the patient and the staff to fulfill with the FDA laser safety rules. Thus, electrosurgery has a strong influence in retarding migration of melanin cells depigmentatioh the locally situated cells, which were detected clinically to be removed.


This could be easily attained by using any of the above three methods used in this case series. Please review our privacy policy.

Adverse habits such as smoking can also stimulate melanin pigmentation and the intensity of pigmentation is related to the duration of smoking and the number of cigarettes consumed.

It is also necessary to cover the exposed lamina propria with periodontal dressing for 7—10 days. Depigmentation with laser A year-old male patient complaining of heavily pigmented gums visited the Department of Periodontics, Army College of Dental Sciences, Secunderabad. Nil Conflict of Interest: It is a non—hemoglobin-derived pigment formed by cells called melonocytes which are dentritic cells of neuroectodermal origin in the basal and spinous layers.

Indian J Dent Res. The patient and the staffs were protected from laser by wearing manufacturer’s spectacles. Routine oral hygiene procedures were carried out and oral hygiene instructions were given. At the end of 3 months, the gingiva appeared healthy and no repigmentation was seen [ Figure 6 ]. At the VAS evaluation sites operated on with scalpel blade and bur abrasion, the patient complained of moderate pain, but at the site treated with diode laser, only slight or no pain was recorded.

Average smile line — only gingival embrasures visible. Melanin pigmentation is frequently caused by melanin deposition by active melanocytes located mainly in the basal layer of the oral epithelium. It was used in a light brushing strokes and the tip was kept in motion all the time to avoid excessive heat buildup and destruction of the tissues. Treatment of severe physiologic gingival pigmentation depigmentatlon free gingival autograft.