U.S. Army FM The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills · Introduction · Warrior Ethos Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skill Level Buy Field Manual FM (FM ) The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Soldier Training Publication STP SMCT Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks : Sure you can learn about combat tactics, but the survival and medical skills. As suggested by a reader. Of course, things might all just end happily ever after. Bets?.

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The Table of Contents of the 10 July, version reads as: It may last for days and cover large areas of terrain. If you have these symptoms, stay quiet and comfortable, but seek medical aid quickly. Clear underbrush only where it blocks your view. Do not touch the wound or try to remove objects from it.

FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

It can even help you by making you more alert and more able to do your job. Put a water-repellent layer, such as C-ration boxes or a poncho, over the support logs. It may be neces- sary to place ponchos or blankets under and over him.

When your leader assigns you a fighting position, comon should also assign you a primary and a secondary sector of fire.

Destroy all com,on or important docu- ments if capture is imminent. Turn it counterclockwise to a comfortable listening level. Toxins are not living things and in this sense are chemicals.

FM « Soldier Combat Skills

WD July 1, at There is no first aid for you once you have oeen exposed to nuclear radiation. The agents may linger for hours or days and en- danger you when you are unprotected. Exposed skin reflects light and may draw the enemy’s attention.

  AE FORM 25 51C PDF

Dig your compartment large enough for you and your equipment. Don’t share personal items canteens, pipes, tootnbrushes, washcloths, towels, and shaving gear with other soldiers.

In daylight, it Shape is outline or form. They can be fired from any fighting position. Do not, however, sleep when on duty. The cover should fit loosely with the flaps folded under the helmet or left hanging. The firing platforms must not, however, be so low that the gun cannot be traversed across its sector of fire. While digging your position, try not to disturb the natural concealment around it.

Put the unused dirt from the hole behind the posi- tion and camouflage it. Make sure that the safety pins move freely in the safety-pin holes. A human body is also easily recognized. Wire lines also protect you from enemy electronic warfare actions such as jamming. Man-made conceal- ment must blend into the natural concealment provided by the terrain.

If the casualty is in shock or is about to go into shock, treat him at once for shock. Natural, undisturbed concealment is better than man-made concealment because: If the US Army is to win the next war, its soldiers must be motivated by inspired leadership, and they must know how to do their jobs and survive on the battlefield. If possible, natural concealment should not be disturbed.


Wash or exchange clothing when it oecomes dirty situation per- mitting. A unit’s action may also indicate its type. See lchapterT for additional considera- tions in the building of your fighting positions.

Do not let PWs bunch up, spread out too far, or start diversions. This means that you and your fellow soldiers must: Cover also guards against the effects of friendly weapons supporting from the rear, such as small arms fire or discarding sabot rounds fired from tanks.

It travels at the speed of light along straight lines and has high penetrating power. Not discuss military operations in public areas. Keep your clothes buttoned and your trouser legs tucked into your boots. A searcher must not get between a PW and the guard. The enemy’s night vision devices and other detection means let them sopdier you in both daylight and darkness.

Remove the mine from the hole. Use only authorized codes. Put the mine in the hole. Keep your fingernails closely trimmed and clean. In such terrain, it may be best to take cover and wait for flares to burn out.

They cmomon meant to kill or injure you and are released to cover large areas. Before evacuating a PW, attach a tag to him.

If contact is made with the enemy, you must dismount from the tank at once.