Fluke a AC Voltage Calibrator Teardown and Repair – Page 1. In summary, the manual puts it best: “DEATH ON CONTACT may result if. FLUKE SA. MAR 3 0 .. temperature using an rms responding meter, ( Fluke B . control is obtained via the A (Manual or Remote Mode). A AC Calibrator for a combined output ranging . The Static Sensitive (S.S.) devices are identified in the Fluke technical manual parts list with the symbol.

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The net result of these two signals being mixed in the summing junction is a full-wave-rectifiedpulsating dc voltage D. If not present at either point, kanual the power supply output and for loading. Transistor Q14, together with current source diode CR17, provides the potential differential for the bases of Q17 and Q18 that is necessary for smooth transition of the output waveform at the zero-crossing point.

Fluke A Calibrator Service and User Manual

Substitute extender pin 26 for Cl, 5200q 28 for C2 and pin 30 for C4 in the table. This low clears U16 and pin 6 reverts to a high.

Refer to Section 6 of this manual for remote programming information used with this option. That is, any error on the nega- tive side fljke the input stage is matched on the positive side by the dc amplifier, resulting in a net dc error at the assem- bly output of zero.


Check the end point accruacy of the vernier by setting the ac differential voltmeter 93 IB dials to The rear manuaal connectors are a pair of pcb card-edge connectors accessed through openings in the panel. The quadrature amplifier output and the negative amplitude control voltage from the AC-DC Converter are both fed to the input of a dc amplifier preceding the diode switch.

The Counter output is the same frequency as the other outputs, but in pulse form. In addition, 0 is the equivalent of a logic high and C of a logic low. As a result, the diode switch supplies a signal to the succeed- ing integrator whenever the peak quadrature amplifier out- put is different from the negative amplitude control voltage. Refer to sheet 1 of A Indicator lights when phase lock is switched on. Accuracy versus Output Connections Set the A output to 10 mV on the mV range.


Set the A output to 1 mV on the 10 mV range. Set the 5 A output to 1 mV range. The other three power supply assemblies mate with connectors on A5. With reference to the previous paragraphs, turn-on the A as follows: Attenuator Assembly A6 If the algebriac totals for each millivolt level is significantly below the specification levels in this table the small error in linearity from full scale to tenth scale may be ignored.

They can be reached conveniently by placing t he oscillato r ass embly on an ext ender board. With the Inverter Assembly installed, interfacing is on a positive-active basis open contacts activate function. Output Lfuke Test-Millivolt Ranges The A can operate from any one of four possible line voltages.

Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

Error Control Calibration Set the A output to 10 volts on the volt range and 1 kHz on the 1 kHz range. When complete, repeat the test beginning with step 6. Connect the equipment as shown in Figure The source control loop levels are maintained even in the millivolt range of operation, there- fore the millivolt output depends primarily on the accuracy of the attenuator transformers and their related circuitry.

Use of the following procedure is suggested for Location of the individual pcbs within the instrument com- partment is illustrated in Figure The counter output is short-circuit protected and appears at a BNC connector shown in Figure Paragraph A tests harmonic distortion from 20 kHz to kHz using a wave analyzer.

The floated supply occupies part of pcb A5A2. Many of these instruments are ac-line operated, and nearly all of the broadband instrument inputs are referenced to chassis ground. When a step is completed, if there is no requirement for a decision, follow through and perform the next step in sequence.


During that period of time the outputs of all the comparator gates will be high, and normally high pin 8 of U1 8 will go low.

The zero-crossing detector operates to pro- duce an output pulse whenever the Oscillator output ,anual through zero while going from negative to positive i. The frequency of the Oscillator, within the selected range, is determined by the net value of resistance manuak amplifier stages.

The Reference assemlby also provides the error measurement feature. Remove the top outer cover from the A. In the local mode of control onlythe A can be used to measure the amount of voltage error ex- pressed as a percentage of the output present in a volt- meter under calibration. The counter divides the clock signal by a factor of 1. All four of the foregoing assemblies are shown on a single schematic diagram: Set the A for an output of 10 volts on the volt range and 1 kHz on the 1 kHz range.

Voltages Ranges, paragrpah Install the instrument compartment inner cover and secure it at one point front and rear. Remove the top outer and inner covers from the instrument.

Manuals, Guides & Specifications for Technicians | Userequip

Pin 2 of U10 is held high in Standby mode, regardless of the voltage range selected. As current drawn from the V regulator, through resistor R61, increases, the current through Q19 in- creases, decreasing current through Q Apply a 50 mA load. Perform the following procedure prior 5200q beginning any operation.