Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Fantômas has ratings and reviews. Fabian said: Fantômas, written by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, was followed by no less than 42 sequels. Praise. [Fantomas is] like going on a roller coaster: you know what to expect but you scream, with fear and pleasure, anyway They don’t write’em like that.

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There he fathered a child, Vladimir, with an unidentified noblewoman. He often assumes the form and personality of some definite and even well-known individual; sometimes he assumes the forms of two human beings at one and the same time. More people should read this. I think I prefer Holmes, to be honest, which is odd since I don’t actually like Holmes all that much to begin with! The setting is cosmopolitan Paris before the First World War – a real melting pot of glamour, sophistication and the remnants of a severely stratified society.

Three appalling crimes leave all of Paris aghast: This was apparently meant to be the same character, although rewritten as a hero, and with no acknowledgement to the original French books or films.

Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? McKay, ; Paul, ; New York: Then I saw the year Souvestre died, he died inhow did they write 32 volumes in three years? So I checked further and I still don’t know how, but that’s what they did, ten already in Stylistically and plotwise, Fantomas is a bridge between the previous century’s serialized melodramas of Eugene Sue or Charles Dickens and modern crime novels, both police procedurals and pulps focused on the criminal element in society.


Book covers copyright Starace. He had no real souvesttre qualities. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the series plays out. Step back and souvestr it burn! Another nice thing is the detective that is hunting Fantomas is also an interesting character so you find yourself rooting for both sides. Fantomas 2 9 May 04, All modesty, Juve claims to have stumbled upon it, but we know better.

I purchased a set of 50 Detective Classics from Amazon and the first book in the series was included.

The titles of this second edition of the series have not been included here. Other characters also exist in persistent levels of imposture- the virtuous are actually evil, the dubious are true-blue, men pass as women for long periods of time; the entire atmosphere is unstable and hallucinatory.

The list of suspects grows, souvestge, and the archetypes pile up nicely. Jul 04, Colleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: For more information on this version of the character check the link to the Fantomas Lives website below. Le magistrat cambrioleur The burglar judge. I had fun reading the book, but I wonder if I would still be having fun after forty more of them.

It’s French, But Ooh, It’s Pulpy: The Dark Adventures Of Fantômas

Is he a figment of Juve’s imagination? What a remarkable book. It’s a delight to read the stages of the chase: A mixture that immediately gained traction with vast Latino audiences, mostly prepubescent and adolescents males. How did Fantomas become such a cultural phenomenon? Skip to content Skip to search.

And there are all kinds of servants and other guests running around too, lots of suspects. La mort de Juve The death of Juve.

Fantômas by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre – Free Ebook

You are a magistrate and I am only a humble detective inspector, but you have three or four years’ experience, perhaps less, while I have fifteen years’ work behind me. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


It was more fun than I anticipated. Inhe was already a well-known figure in literary circles I’ll take their word for thatand Souvestre collaborated with his assistant Allain on their first novel,” Le Rour”. Etienne Rambert, an old friend of the Marquise.

fxntomas I am the first book and it is very good. Lord Beltham was about to shoot Maud when Gurn hit him with a hammer then strangled him. I don’t know where this book has been all my life, but I loved it. Stanley Paul, ; New York: Decide to make the main character an unknowable arch-villain, the “Genius of Crime”, malevolent and unstoppable, ravaging the world with his outrageous acts Return to Book Page. Le faiseur de reines The queen-maker. Speaking of vagueness, many of the characters are described in such bland, nondescript terms that it seems there are few differences between any of them.

Pierre Souvestre

I mean, the Joker won the Oscar–Batman, zilch. Fantomws he is quite the criminal, he commits all kinds of crimes, robbery, murder, all kinds of bad things. His mask in the Latin American version — which was clearly inspired by the black mask worn by the Italian comic book criminal Diabolik — and his use of it, seems to have been influenced by the popular images generated by Mexican wrestling.