There is a place where mythology is reality. Where wild imaginations are ordinary . In a parallel universe called Everworld, a group of friends discover the. Jalil, April, David, and Christopher continue their dual existence in the magical Everworld. April narrates her amazing experiences while the evil Norse god Lok. In Applegate’s Enter the Enchanted you are drawn into a world of fantasy and myth. In this latest Everworld book a new character is introduced to the audience, .

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Applegate really hit her Everworld stride with Enter the Enchanted. Jun 20, Small Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 13, Ani rated it it was amazing Shelves: Is that straight up enough for you? Enter the Enchantedby Katherine Alice Applegate was an okay book for teenagers and I would say that if you were to read it, it might interest you.

But now it was Christopher, too. With this book, April, Christopher, David, and Jalil are starting to figure out how they can fit together and work as a group. Guess it went both ways, huh? This was a April, Jalil, Christopher, and David are still stuck in Everworld, trying to find April’s half-sister Senna and figure out how to get home.


In this book Galahad and Gawain had similar memories of looking for the Holy Grail. Galahad’s awareness of his own half-real status is a little touching, a little sad; he knows his own existence is in question, and it evegworld him, but he still perseveres. All of the enteer have cliff hanger endings, which makes me almost have to continue, even if i don’t really want to.

You need to login to do this. In your world, in the Old World? A father is about the only thing they have in common. They find out it is because our stories have them both encbanted that role. This is Everworld, you blind, stupid, ignorant, willful jackasses. What are the odds that these teens could figure out how to complete a successful blood transfusion with pen cartridges in what’s equivalent to medieval times??

He was witnessing a miracle. Was I a man?

Enter the Enchanted – Everworld – K.A. Applegate – Review | Stories Have Power

We’ll forget how he broke down before Loki. What does it mean enfhanted potentially let in the bad along with the good? Their unhappy reunion doesn’t last long when they find themselves in the court of Galahad as a furious Loki arrives demanding his witch back. This is book 3 in the Everworld series. Enter the Enchanted — Everworld — K.

Enter the Enchanted – Everworld 3 Book Summary and Study Guide

I am having more and everwoeld of an issue with the writing itself though. Saw the troll’s little pig eyes look past me. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then once they meet up with each other they have dinner with Galahad and the other knights of the round table.


Yet by the end, she’s also run-down and ragged and tired of wrestling the boys’ testosterone blowups, and understandably so. Well fun and fast this series is one of those that I like to read every year. April struggles with her desire to go home and her feelings for her half-sister.

I can affect how things happen. I’m with the CIA.

He’s not lukewarm, not half in and half out, not just covering his ass, not pretending to a belief system he doesn’t live. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: No one knows for sure if they are true or not.

I remember taking my seat in the Siege Perilous, the seat neter would kill all pretenders but me.