v Final Exam Answers. – % Full -. CCNA v v Routing and Switching. Essentials New Questions updated CCNPv7 Switch – Final Exam What do you mean by “final exam”? 0 And seriously, re-reading the chapter questions and answers is good. Study Flashcards On Routing And Switching Essentials Final Exam Answers at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.

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Which two procedures should be implemented and in place when deploying VoIP in a campus network? The Cost column in the lower part of the exhibit is not the cumulative root path cost. Ansewrs mixed video and voice packets are included in the video stream, the latency should be ms. What action should be taken by a network administrator to restore connectivity? What are two actions a hacker may take in a Answeds hopping attack? The standby track command is useful for tracking interfaces that are not configured for HSRP.

Sending a unicast flood of Ethernet frames with distinct source MAC addresses.

SWITCH Final Exam – CCNP SWITCH (Version ) – ProProfs Quiz

Configure a routing protocol on the Layer 3 switch to include each interface. Sign In with your ProProfs account. What three features are provided by IEEE The ports on the switch must be configured with the spanning-tree PortFast feature. What are three possible misconfigurations or indicators of misconfigurations on a Layer 3 interface? Which three actions are taken when the command switchport host is entered on a switch port?

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Routing should be configured without traffic filtering, address translation, or other packet manipulation at the core. What port security mode is in effect? Keep voice and data traffic in the same VLAN and mark the traffic for high priority treatment. A network administrator wants to verify the proper operations of the packet load sharing between a group of redundant routers that are configured with GLBP. It will increase the number of additional links that are required to provide redundant connectivity.


Go to My Dashboard. Disable Layer 2 functionality on interfaces that will be configured as routed ports. The implementation of EtherChannels on redundant links will exceed the bandwidth. If the DSw1 switch is configured with the standby preempt command and DSw2 is not, then DSw1 will be the active router. anwsers

Configure the links between DSW and the access switches as access links. Please take the quiz to rate it.

Switch Final Exam – CCNP Switch (version 6.0)

Assume both switches finish eswitcbing at the same time and HSRP is operating as expected. The QoS requirements should accommodate the smooth demand on bandwidth, low latency, and delay for voice traffic. Refer to the exhibit.


Removing question excerpt is exan premium feature. The exhibit contains the configuration for a Cisco access device. Root guard should be implemented on the Layer 2 ports between the distribution switches.

Configure as routed ports the DSW interfaces that face the access switches. The QoS requirements should accommodate the bursty nature of voice traffic.

During the Eswitchimg End of Quiz. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Configure QoS policy to classify the voice traffic in the priority queue to guarantee reserved bandwidth allocation for the traffic.

Which STP enhancement should be configured in the network to prevent a nondesignated port to transition to a forwarding state when a topology change eswicthing The group number 50 is missing in the Router RTB configuration commands. Which statement is true concerning the core layer within eewitching hierarchical design model?

Ease of management because local VLANs are typically confined to the building access submodule. What restriction will be presented in a campus enterprise network that is designed with four large distribution building blocks? Given the output of the show standby brief command on RTA, what is the cause of the problem? The inclusion of the fourth module will increase the routing complexity. What is the recommended solution?

The router with the IP address