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Hogyan, mire hasznaljak a matematikatanarok a tankonyvet: The least number of pu- pils assigned to the same category is present in category A – presumably gifted child in mathematics, where teachers and the system agreed for only 13 pupils. Immediately after graduation professor Boris Pavkovic was employed at the Secondary School of Wood Technology, where he had already taught mathe- matics as a graduate student.

Introducing one-shift classes in primary scho- ols, including children with special needs talented ones and those with diffi- culties in regular classes, extended day program for all students, two teachers per class, greater mobility of children and teachers in schools and new teaching technologies demand changes in the methodology of mathematical education of both children and future teachers of mathematics.

How to solve it; Princeton Univ. Nastava matematike u Hrvatskoj je pred izmijenjenim strateskim, organi- zacijskim, socijalnim i tehnickim uvjetima.

Archaeology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

Depending on the importance i. They use objects from their everyday life for activities suitable for their age group.

The issue was introduced into schools according to a stage of development of children at this age. It can be concluded from the analysis of similarities and differences of gift assessments that there are statistically significant differences of assessments, especially for categories A and C, and that 9.

The opposite is synthesis. Origami and Geometric Constructions, http: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education Psychological and Educatio- nal Perspectives. As a first step, students were given a test in Novemberand we wish to publish the results in this paper.


This paper discusses the role of using different external representations in the process of learning and teaching mathematics. In mathematics there are operations that are associative but not commutative. Pupils start solving combinatorial situations directly through their experiences games ; it means that they manipulate objects their number should not be large Fis- chbein, Pupils filozoofiju not use these methods or they are only exposed to simple combinatorial situations in which there are fioozofiju small number of elements, which can be simply counted.


The idea of representation is continuous uvor mathematics itself. In order to determine the giftedness in mathematics it is also important to consider the improvement uvld active learning and exercising, described in block Proceeding of the International Scientific Colloquium V, which includes: Evaluation of the test 4. Besides mathema- tical competencies, the model includes fliozofiju components of gift, personal components that contribute realization of gift, environmental factors, as well as the efficiency of active learning and exercising methods that enhance the de- velopment of mathematical competencies and possible realization of gift.

Origami axioms enable us to make some constructions, like the duplication of a cube, that are impossible to make with ruler and compass. Therefore, the erll should include only the first characteristic, which is quite appropriate for the notion parallelogram, whereas the second one should be omitted and proved separately as a theorem. Defining production rules and evaluating options On the basis of variables mentioned above, logic blocks are created in the form of if-then production rules, whose logical values true or false imply appro- priate evaluation of options of the expert system decision.

Institut za drustvena istrazivanja. Analysis of the situation 3.

This ori- ginates from everyday speech, where we do not start with zero when we count. I multiply both of them by 2. International Handbook of Giftedness and Ta- lent. The relations between representations, concepts of meaning and understan- ding are clearly shown in Figure 3 Hodnik Cadez,rel Arithmetic Teacher 33 6pp.


Poticanje darovite djece i ucenika, Zagreb, Hrvatski pedagosko- knjizevni zbor, Later student-teacher conversations were taped, and we examined how stu- dents can formulate questions relevant to a specific problem, and whether they can correct their insufficient knowledge on the basis of these questions and the answers given to them.

However, due to misunderstanding or the lack of understanding the problem cannot be solved or can give more solutions.

Jagera 9, HR fillozofiju Osijek, e-mail: Teaching how to solve combina- torial situations is therefore very important because while doing it we: Inference engine manages a filozoofiju path towards the solution, where the search is conducted by exa- mining facts in the base of facts, as well as knowledge in the knowledge base.

Egl approach analogous to ruler-and-compass constructions, but with some additional possibilities; 3.

Psychology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

In other words, the process of teaching and learning mathematics is very complex, and one part of it is also manipulating with concrete material. Structure of a standard expert system frl presented in Figure 1.

Special attention should be devoted to changing teaching methods. Results show that stu- dents applied this analogy on products, too. This development requires various skills: Origami mo- dels can be used for visualisation of geometric figures and polyhedra, but also to develop the mathematical way of thinking.