Semantic Scholar extracted view of “Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA.” by C. Bustamante et al. Entropic elasticity of λ-phage DNA. C. Bustamante, J. F. Fingerprint. Bacteriophage lambda. Viral DNA. Elasticity. Least-Squares Analysis. scientific article (publication date: 9 September ).

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These results enhance our understanding of phage -mediated transduction as a mechanism of HGT in the Lyme disease spirochetes. The left end of the DNA is not distinguished from the right end, and so the map of DNA -capsid contacts is folded over on itself.

Entropic elasticity of λ-phage DNA

Moreover, the dependence of the methylation inhibition on the chiral elwsticity of metalaxyl may suggest a considerable specificity of the compound of AACFs for DNA methyltransferases. The DNA packaging motors of double-stranded DNA phages are models for analysis of all multi-molecular motors and for analysis of several fundamental aspects of biology, including early evolution, relationship of in vivo to in vitro biochemistry and targets for anti-virals.

Analysis of autoimmune bone marrow by antibody- phage display: Rifampin-stimulated uv resistance of phage lambda on Escherichia coli K Thioredoxin serves as a cofactor for reductive processes in many cell types and is a constituent of phage T7 DNA polymerase. Protein and Antibody Engineering by Phage Display. We quantify the DNA-DNA interaction energies within the intact phage by combining the measured d spacings in the capsid with measurements of osmotic pressure in DNA assemblies under the same salt conditions in bulk solution.

The phages were classified as Siphoviridae with genome sizes between 46, and 54, bp. These findings help explain our previous results, namely that in the GrpE-dependent lambda DNA replication system, the Dna K protein requirement can be reduced up to fold.

In particular, phage particles may be produced even when the phage mode of DNA replication is blocked, and this throws new light on the involvement of the early gene A in the regulation of late gene expression in phage P2.

Tests of spool models for DNA packaging in phage lambda. In addition, the wild type DNA sequences immediately preceding the genes were reduced and modified. Each protein binds the 5′ strand of the boxB stem and the adjacent loop.


Deposit and Record Details. Aspects of the interaction between phages and animals are of interest and importance for medical applications.

Background Consistent progress in the development of bacteriophage lambda display platform as an alternative to filamentous phage display system was achieved in the recent years.

The ghost particles, so formed, have a channel running down their tails. In vivo gene delivery and expression by bacteriophage lambda vectors. Site-specificity of abnormal excision: A significant dose-response effect between R, S -benalaxyl and global methylation level was observed.

The termination defect of all of the base substitution mutations was relieved by increasing the level of Nun protein; in ehtropic, the deletions and a multiple-base substitution did not regain full Nun responsiveness at elevated Nun concentrations.

A mutant devoid of the prophages was significantly less elasticit to lysis in pure culture. The characterization of phwge recombinant DNAs by heteroduplex analysis and restriction endonucleases is described. Importantly, inhibitors of histone deacetylases boost gene expression in cancer cells from the Grp78 promoter in the dual tumor-targeted AAVP.

These findings, and the fact that the VL clones were randomly selected from normal lymphoid tissues, strongly indicate that the bulk of chicken L-chains is encoded by a few germline VL genes, probably much less than 15 since many of the VL genes are known to be pseudogenes.

Experiments are reported which bear on two spool models proposed for entropoc the DNA of phage lambda. Quantification of the particular parameter influence ekasticity performed by square-wave voltammetry using hanging drop mercury electrode.

Substantially specific binding of TF1 to helical SPO1 DNA can be demonstrated by nitrocellulose filter-binding assays at relatively low ionic strength 0. An anti-CEA single-chain antibody fragment and green fluorescent protein or alkaline phosphatase were simultaneously displayed by engineering both gpD and gpV lambda proteins. Purification and DNA -binding properties of the cro-type regulatory repressor protein cng encoded by the Lactobacillus plantarum phage phi g1e.

From the decrease in d spacings with increasing salt, we deduce the relative contributions of DNA self-repulsion and bending to the energetics of packaged phage genomes.

These experiments shed light on the mechanisms involved in phage -mediated gene transfer in vivo, and suggest new approaches that may enhance the efficiency of this process. In general, there were two classes of recombinants. Mice were inoculated with recombinant lambda phage containing a mammalian expression cassette encoding firefly luciferase luc. Thermal transport behaviors of the quasi-particles in the dnq state were studied by measuring kappaxx and kappa xy in a high-purity YBCO crystal.


These novel identified immunogenic proteins provide new insights into host pathogen interactions and can be used for the development of new diagnostic tests and vaccines. Verified email at alice. Phage display has become an established, widely used method for selection of peptides, antibodies or alternative scaffolds.

Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA. – Abstract – Europe PMC

Using a lambda repressor fusion technique, 10 Bcepencoded proteins were identified for their ability to support homotypic interactions. Phage release and cell lysis already occur during early stages of static incubation. This expression is closely correlated with the expression of organelle-localized DNA polymerase in the same tissues. It was shown that, as the ionic strength increases, the effect of the screening of the hydrodynamic interaction of the links of the polymeric chain specific for polymeric coils arises in a DNA solution.

The use of magnetic particles for the separation of nucleic acids has many advantages over other isolation methods.

To understand the reason for this low level of translation the genes were cloned into plasmids and their expression measured. The plaque survival of uv-irradiated phage lambda on excision-proficient E. DNA fragments from all parts of the genome are found. Role of damage-specific DNA polymerases in M13 phage mutagenesis induced by a major lipid peroxidation product transhydroxynonenal. The binding of multiple copies of the lambda O protein to the phage replication origin ori lambda initiates the ordered assembly of a series of nucleoprotein structures that form at ori lambda prior to DNA unwinding, priming and DNA synthesis steps.

The transductant in the background produced phage capable of transducing another B. Electrostatic interactions play an important role in both packaging of DNA inside bacteriophages and its release into bacterial cells.