Forever enthralled #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to her sensual world of the Breeds as one stubborn Breed meets her match, and. They have the power to hold you spellbound, to captivate your senses, and to keep you forever in their control. Forever enthralled #1 New. They have the power to hold you spellbound, to captivate your senses, and to keep you forever in their control. Forever enthralled.

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Each was enjoyable as a standalone short-story. As a passionate devotee of romance, she shares her love for the genre with her readers through her books. The short stories make me want to see what each do with lroa full novel.

I found this short story better than the previous book Rivetedprobably because it does refer back to Heart of Steel and Here There Be Monsters.

English Choose a language for enthrzlled. Ecstasy Under the Moon by Lucy Monroe was the final story in the anthology, and a historical paranormal.

Enthralled – Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day, Meljean Brook, Lucy Monroe – Google Books

There were some side stories which aren’t bad in a full size book but took too much time from the leads in a short story. How the mighty fall. That’s certainly not the story’s fault though and it just means I will have to now familiarize myself with this author because even though at times I was left a bit bewildered by her world, her writing pulled me into the story.


This is a enthrslled of sorrow and longing. We learn about Katie and her ability to hide her Breed status so well that testing shows up negative for her.

Not much detail is given, but it was very creepy. They have the power to hold you spellbound, to captivate your senses, and to keep you forever in their control. But after 28 books, this series has gotten very stale, and I’m ready for the story to end.

Alyssa Day’s Curse of the Black Swan 4 stars was a sweet paranormal love story, but the plot had nothing to do with the blurb on the back of the book. That one book aside which has colour Ms. There is one instance of sexual violence and it was handled pretty well and while I didn’t feel it was completely necessary I understand why it was there.

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Though I always enjoy an adventure into the lives of the breeds, I felt this story was a bit more of a set up for things to come and didn’t focus enough of it’s time on the main characters.

How have I missed reading about Devil and how he is the Grim Reaper? Cassie’s mate, Gideon, European Breeds, new breeds I cannot wait for book 1 of this new series to come out. The ending was good. Yes, I read scary fast, plus I have been home with a mild migraine, so I did read Affliction and Enthralled in a little more than 20 hours. A new tale of terror and magic in a brand new world. This is a depressing tale of how a wife longs for her husband only to find, that her words made him think he was not good enough.


Poor Thom had some big insecurities to overcome, and yet he did everything he thought he needed to in order to keep Georgie safe and happy. When they get taken hostage by a pirate, they will have to rely on each other to get out alive. When will it ever get here? No trivia or quizzes yet. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.


The focus is on making Una see how not all are evil. Enthrslled Georgie wanted was her husband in her bed every night. Sometimes, a little communication goes a long way. One bit of advice though? Goodreads does not offer a way to rate each story in an anthology, except by rating within the review.

I can only imagine what a full-length novel would be like.