Instruction manual of EZM Programmable Counter consists of two main . EMKO Elektronik warrants that the equipment delivered is free from defects in. BUT it’s a negative number and I cannot figure out what to do? HELP PLEASE? EMKO ESM Temperature Controller-img_jpg. ESM, ESM, ESM, ESM, ESM ESM 8 mm. Green 4 EMKO Elektronik warrants that the equipment delivered is free from.

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I have the pre-set temp at but the top number should read the current temp of the drum I would hope that the manufacturer would tell you this.

In my scenario I could route my cabling to this device when I was having issues You may fix it for sure. Hello Fellow Roasters, we just received our Toper 15 kilo roaster from Turkey and could not be more excited to start roasting.

Originally Posted by fivestarcoffeeroasters. When you said ” check is to see if the thermocouple type is set properly in the controller” Hi dear I just read your post about toper drum tempreture. Obviously be careful you turn on your drum and its cold So first thing you need to do is check the type of thermocouple you have I own toper cafemino. You can test a thermocouple with a multimeter, it should read a few ohms, I would suggest a disconnected probe or bad connection at the controller?


Yes the bottom value is setting the maximum temp it will reach before the gas gets cut off. Your thermocouple is likely disconnected or has a broken wire.

Emko Electronik

One you know what type you have you need to go into the controllers settings to see if it’s setup for that type of thermocouple. Can you reach the thermocouple inside of the drum?

If you have a electronic multimeter it may have an input for thermocouples. Can you shoot me a link or something to a hand held device I could purchase to use? Charlie If you are afraid of failure or losing money, quit while you are ahead.

Process Controllers – ESM/ | HTA Instrumentation (P) Ltd.

Steve Green Mill City Roasters. Results 1 to 9 of 9. How do I check this? Thanks em,o your help! All times are GMT I use different thin thermocuple connected with Phidget The one in my older toper flashes the display at loss of continuity, the phidget shows a negative number. Second thing I would check is to see if the thermocouple type is set properly in the controller.


PID Process controller ESM/السعر – Elecsolution

If you can may not be possible you could unplug the thermocouple from the controller and plug into the handheld device. If em,o take a look at the attached picture I am technically challenged but could tell me how to test the thermocouple exactly? The time now is Some temp controllers indicate a bad or disconnected thermocouple differently.

But after using toper i discover es-m4430 use J type thermocouple and honestly its very thick and gave low value for tempreture. They have excellent customer service.

HTA Instrumentation (P) Ltd.

It’s odd that its showing negative Brand new emio contact Toper. BUT it’s a negative number and I cannot figure out what to do? Its the wiring problem you have to opposite the wire in behind the temperature controller. I would assume the bottom value that you are setting is the maximum temperature it will reach before cutting off the gas valve fire safety feature.