Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy is an ineffective cancer treatment devised by Emanuel Revici (–). Revici’s early work on experimental chemical- based. Emanuel Revici, M.D., until he passed away ran the Revici Life Science Center in NY, NY. Dr. Korin took over until he passed away. It is run for awhile by Dr. USPTO patent applications submitted by and patents granted to Emanuel Revici.

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Revici has died, his method remains highly rsvici in unconventional medical therapy books and on the Internet. The idea and money came from a friend, Gaston Merry, formerly European representative of E. His investigations showed that healthy persons typically had daily rhythmic fluctuations in such basic physical parameters as urinary pH and levels of free potassium in the blood. Method for relieving pain or producing analgesia.

Pseudoscience Alternative cancer treatments Alternative medicine stubs. Bismuth containing pharmaceutical compositions US At the Portuguese border, guards had detained and searched him and would have executed him on the spot had they discovered the film. It may also cause potentially serious side effects.

Instead of producing energy with oxygen, a person is relying on lactic acid fermentation. Emanhel invention also relates to the reevici products thus produced along with methods of administering these compositions to a subject to treat abnormal conditions caused mainly by a catabolic imbalance.

In a dysaerobic imbalance there is excess catabolic activity that is taking place due to lipid peroxidation. As with so much of his work, examination of molecular structures makes one wonder why Revici’s American peers resisted this discovery: Herbal therapies are then prescribed to counteract these imbalances.

Emanuel Revici – Welcome To Cancer Cure Foundation

A method for treating or aiding in the treatment of a tobacco habit or addiction in a human by controlling the craving for tobacco or controlling tobacco withdrawal symptoms which comprises internally administering to said human an effective amount of a compound having an active ingredient containing at least one bivalent negative sulfur to control said craving or said withdrawal symptoms so as to reduce the desire for tobacco. The formal charges against him amounted to a sharp divergence in approach from conventional oncology practice.


George Dick, dean of the University of Chicago medical school, brought Revici to the US inpromising him research facilities. With Special Application to Cancer. Method for treating the effects of alcohol. He emznuel not have been eanuel first to codify this key insight as a therapeutic principle, but once more, he seems to have preceded the mainstream in incorporating the principle to treat patients.

He earned his medical license in NY by examination in and maintained his dual career as a scientist and physician in New York City until his death.

Organic compounds of selenium are prepared by reaction of metallic selenium with eleostearic acid under warming. He thereby anticipated, again by decades, interest in lipids as carriers of pharmaceutically useful compounds.

Revici believed that pathologic conditions were due to a chemical imbalance within the body that could be modified. In fact, practitioners of BTA claim that the herbal treatment can be directed to the organ containing the cancer to make it more effective. Pharmaceutical compositions having antineoplastic activity are prepared, which contain as the active component, the organic compound of selenium.

For more information on unconventional medical therapies and cancer see OncoLink’s Complementary Treatments section.

In fact, a number of therapies that closely resemble the Revici Method are now being touted by unconventional medical practitioners. Revici was among the first emsnuel to use omega 3 fatty acids to treat cancer.

A method for treating drug addiction from compounds which cause a catabolic effect on the human body, dmanuel comprises administering to said body, a sufficient amount of an anabolic agent containing bivalent negative selenium or sulfur.

Based on his European research, he utilized the properties of elements to alter different levels of function and the ability of lipids to induce longer-lasting alterations to create a large series of therapeutic compounds in which elements were conjugated into lipids. Topical administration of the virucide is preferred and is effective in treating lesions associated with herpes infections. Noble originally prepared the section emanuell on Revici’s scientific findings and medical applications for an appraisal of Revici published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Method for eliminating or reducing the desire for smoking. The object of the Institute was to concentrate on following my line of research. Method of employing therapeutic composition comprising ammonium or substituted ammonium compounds for treatment of alcoholism US For 80 years the world was jolted by one of the most brilliant physicians to ever walk the earth: Revici’s early work on experimental chemical-based treatments for cancer between — attracted a degree of support.


Innovator in nontoxic cancer chemotherapy “.

Revici’s Guided Chemotherapy

The invention relates to a method for making a composition which comprises selecting at least one fatty acid or fatty ester compound having an allylic unsaturation of the type –CH. Treatment of symptoms of neoplastic diseases with nucleoproteins US As he developed his theories and applications, Revici incorporated another basic insight: Revici remained embattled with the New York State health authorities for years and had his medical license was revoked in at the age of As a result of these studies, Revici proposed that a crucial distinction be made between pathological pain and what he termed “physiological pain” a distinction supported by many subsequent years of research.

Dysaerobic metabolism is the catabolic process of cellular degeneration. Thirty-three patients treated by Dr. A method for making a composition containing a fatty acid or fatty ester compound and potassium. Revici discovered an entire system of biological hierarchy, correspondant with the periodic table of the elements. Cancer patients in pain showed a cycling in their levels of discomfort. Simopoulos AP, Robinson J. Subscribe to OncoLink eNews View our newsletter archives.

This contributes to excess intra-cellular acidity, excess potassium in the cells and can derail function in various organs, and systems in the body. A method and composition for the treatment of a patient with AIDS. The American Cancer Society notes that this “chemotherapy” is entirely different from modern conventional chemotherapyand states: Learn how your comment data is processed.

A substantially tasteless, non-toxic composition comprising sodium chloride and a magnesium compound containing bivalent negative sulfur and method of using the compositions to control the deleterious effects of large amounts of sodium chloride on the human body.

Journal of alternative and complementary medicine.