El Hacedor de Estrellas by Olaf Stapledon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Hacedor de Estrellas – Tapa Dura – by Olaf Stapledon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Title, Hacedor de estrellas. Author, Olaf Stapledon. Translated by, Gregorio Lemos. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Minotauro, ISBN,

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Despite it being basically a Star Maker must have been at least a little old-fashioned even when it was published in I find too many Sci-Fi authors get caught up with the Science wand miss out on the opportunity to narrative meaningful, allegoric and absorbing tales. Entonces te ves envuelto en una espe Tortura china es poco. In some ways, I think the book is about size.

What do you think? When the protagonist, for example, finally confronts the ‘Star Maker’, it sounds like an intense psychedelic or religious experience.

The digression into uninteresting theism is abrupt and has nothing to do with the rest of the book, except to explain away real problems with a non-answer. Stapledon wrote this novel primarily as a way to explore phil This is true Science Fiction. Mixes everything from Einstein to Buddha and astrophysics to strange life forms in megagravity environments.

Hacedor de Estrellas – Tapa Dura –

Stapeldon was truly a pioneer of SF for bringing us truly big ideas. The book describes a history of life in the universe, dwarfing in scale Stapledon’s previous book, Last and First Mena history of the human species over two billion years. To access your account information you need to be authenticated, which means that you need dtapledon enter your password to confirm that you are indeed the person that the cookie claims you to be. He makes some assumptions, and sets in motion a train of events, but there’s no magic happy-ever-after.

The saving grace of the story is the sgapledon way he populates the universe with a wide variety of very strange creatures and symbiotic relationships.


Here and there a turn of phrase is quaint and not commonly in contemporary use, but it also speaks to Stapledon’s beautiful and rich writing. This is a ‘what if’ story in the best way. Most of them estrelkas.

For a book that is touted as fabulously open-minded and far-out, I found it terribly myopic parochial? View all 35 comments.

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At its heart, Mr. The cosmology in the book was based on known science at the time and parts may have been superseded by current theories but remember this stapledoh speculative fiction. He witnesses the entire life of the universe, and joins with many other minds from other civilizations throughout the galaxy. In fact, it was not until after its publication that he discovered the Science Fiction tendencies that the novel held a genre he had hitherto never heard of.

Should I read Last and First Men before this, or does it make no difference what order you read them in? See all 3 questions about Star Maker…. Eventually he discovers other intelligent minds, and joins in a collective mind with them.

There’s no doubt that the sweep of cosmic vision that Stapledon achieves here is something remarkable it is unique in my own experience of reading. For the most part uacedor reads like a history textbook, with occasional personal interjections and foreshadowing along the lines of, “Pay attention, these guys will be important later.

Clarke inC. This is a short novel that spans 5 billion years! The main story kicks off on “Other Earth”, with what seems a thinly-veiled polemic against capitalist materialism. I noticed, after this question had already formed in my mind, that Stapledon seemed to redress the balance a little on pagewhich, perhaps, I shall quote later. You might as well replace God with Boobs.

I recommend this book. How is it compelling with no plot? This is ds a profound book that it seems like a terrible shame that it has only attracted a relatively small reading audience: But if you persevere, and if you manage to keep Stapledon’s ideas in focus, you’ll be rewarded.


El Hacedor de Estrellas

Open Preview See a Problem? After this inspiring, yet dispiriting, ecounter the narrator returns to his life on Earth prescisely where and when he left. But his evolutionary exobiology is terribly lacking. The climax of the book is the “supreme moment of the cosmos”, when the cosmical mind which includes the narrator attains momentary contact with the titular “Star Maker”. Return to Book Page.

I don’t think there’s a single book in existence that can dwarf the scope and grandeur of this one. Each group, of course, assumes themselves to be estrellaas the best taste. The one that is likely what Stapledon refers to I found under a piece of artwork fromVictory of the 5 Year Plan – A blow to Capitalism. Even oneself, that seeming-central fact, was a mere phantom, so deceptive, that the most honest of men must question his own honesty, so insubstantial that he must olat doubt his very existence.

If it is a novel it has no plot and no developed characters. And an ever olxf exploration follows. I’ve never written a review for a book before, but this one left such a strong impression on me that I think I should write one.

This is a novel — is it a novel?

The human race just appears for an incidental sentence or two; we aren’t important in this larger esgrellas of things. I really wanted to like this book, especially given its glowing reviews and being hailed as early sci-fi with lots of great ideas, etc.