All about Efectul Pygmalion. De la Ovidiu la Hitchcock (Romanian Edition) by Victor Ieronim Stoichita. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for. referencing20 and Pygmalion, victim of the simulacrum, fundamental component of 21 Victor Ieronim Stoichi܊ă, Efectul Pygmalion: de la Ovidiu la Pygmalion. Felea, Gh. (), “Alternativele educaĠionale – Între efectul Pygmalion úi obsesia Cronos; Pluralismul educaĠional între patul lui Procust úi fluenĠa cratyliană”.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Leaders will show more leader behaviors such as leader-member exchange trust, respect, obligation, etc. The teacher may pay closer attention to and even treat the child differently in times of difficulty.

Efectul Pygmalion. De la Ovidiu la Hitchcock (Romanian Edition)

In the end, Thorndike wrote the Pygmalion study’s findings were worthless. Soon after Pygmalion’ s publication, Robert L. Emphasizing its erotic origins, he locates echoes of this pygmalino fable in everything from legendary incarnations of Helen pygmallion Troy to surrealist painting to photographs of both sculpture and people artfully posed to simulate statues.

However, First and Second Graders showed statistically significant gains favoring the experimental group of “intellectual bloomers”. No trivia or quizzes yet. Magnitude of teacher expectancy effects on pupil IQ as a function of the credibility of expectancy induction: For example, Clever Hans would be given a math problem to solve, and the audience would get very tense the closer he tapped his foot to the right number, thus giving Hans the clue he needed to tap the correct number efeectul times.


Thorndikean educational psychologistcriticized the study and demonstrated that the instrument used to assess the children’s IQ scores was seriously flawed. A major pygmaliion has also been the lack of replication. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Pygmalion in the classroom by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson. Between life and the art that imitates it is a vague, more shadowy category: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Pygmalion Effect: from Ovid to Hitchcock by Victor Ieronim Stoichiță

These scores were not disclosed to teachers. In turn, the employee participates in more learning behavior.

The concept of stereotype threat could be considered to be the inverse of the Pygmalion effect, as it denotes a negative form of self-fulfilling prophecy. Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson ‘s study showed that, if teachers were led to expect enhanced performance from children, then the children’s performance was enhanced. This behavior that is expressed toward an employee can affect the behaviors of the employee in favor of the leader’s expectations.

Pygmalion in the classroom: An experiment done by Jenkins and Deno submitted teachers to a classroom of children who had either been told to be attentive, or unattentive, to the teachers’ lecture. He summarized his evaluation of the instrument this way: The bloomers’ names were made pygmalioon to the teachers.


For instance, whenever Clever Hans was asked a question the observers’ demeanor usually elicited a certain behavior from the subject that in turn confirmed their expectations.

In the process, it sheds new light on a mysterious world of living artifacts that, until now, has occupied a dark and little-understood realm in the history of Western image making.

There are no discussion topics on this efecutl yet. Trivia About L’Effet Pygmalion Views Read Edit View history. Rosenthal argued pygmmalion biased expectancies could affect reality and create self-fulfilling prophecies. Journal of Management35 5— The Pygmalion effector Rosenthal effectis the phenomenon whereby others’ expectations of a target person affect the target person’s performance. Teachers are also affected by the children in the classroom.

Alison Anderson Goodreads Author trad. Within sociologythe effect is often cited with regard to education and social class.