Editions. Double Cross . Malorie Blackman ‘Blackman “gets” people she ” gets” humanity as a whole, too’ Guardian. Just this once. Double Cross has ratings and reviews. Reading Corner said: I enjoyed this book but I think the series should have ended on the last book as thi. Double Cross [Malorie Blackman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. the dust jacket is not very clean but the it self is in very good shape.

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How do we read the bookswhat do we press? Sadly, we never hear from Sephy, which was a great disappointment. Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman had a variety of jobs before she became a full time writer and spent many years working as a Database Manager for Reuters travelling extensively within Europe and the United States.

While everyone blames a Nought rouble, Callie Rose knows the truth and it involves her boyfriend Tobey. Jude feels that Sephy is responsible for Callum’s death and wants to make sure that Sephy will not see Callum’s next birthday since Callum had not seen his next birthday. View all 7 comments.

Great book but personally I thought it was pretty irrelevant to the series.

He fights to prove that he will find a way out a Double Cross gave me the teen-romance I’d been missing on in Knife Edge and Checkmate. He then hears Sephy shouting, ‘I love you’.

Tobey and Callie Rose resume kissing after Tobey has put malore condom on. Kamal tells Sephy that if she keeps her child, Callum will be hanged, but if she has malorrie abortion, he will serve years in prison instead. One is killed, and the other is put in jail.


Review: Double Cross by Malorie Blackman | Books | The Guardian

This book is like an over dose of sleeping beauty. Throughout the course of this novel, Malorie Blackman sprinkles bits and pieces of Callie Rose’s life prior to bkackman dramatic series of events that open Checkmate. This site uses cookies. He did too little too late for me. A Store at War Joanna Toye.

To read about a young white man grappling with the challenges, social and psychological, that harry many young black men is enlightening in subtle ways, though Blackman’s clever use of the thriller genre lifts the book beyond consciousness-raising.

Beside those little niggling thoughts I did enjoy the book. Crsos I heard about this book coming out I went crazy. Callie Rose becomes angry with her mother, Sephy, for hiding the truth.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Callum tells the rest of the gang what Sephy said about Andrew. She meets Jaxon, a hot-tempered man with a band, the Midges.


Double Cross by Malorie Blackman book review – geekandbooknerd

Hardcoverpages. I could not have been happier to revisit characters such as Sephy and Jude in malori epic conclusion to an epic tale.

That angers Callum, but the two make up. Jude takes Callie Rose to Kamal’s house.

Double Cross

It shows how money, or the lack of it, can be the motivation for good kids to do bad things. Ah, to be young and in love. After Kamal denies that she is his granddaughter, Jude, now the General of the LM, exploits her anger to groom her to become a suicide bomber. The first three novels in the series are easy to obtain the U. Encompass Culture Channel 4 Learning: Double Cross was definitely good but it was my least favourite out of the series as it follows a pretty irrelevant character,Callie’s best friend,Tobey.


I’m really hoping that she will write more with the characters in this series and maybe do some more individual people but the main characters intertwined around th Another great read. However, most of her classmates do not accept her association with a nought.

Callie Rose struggles with growing up as half-nought and half-cross after she learns the truth about her nought father’s life from her friend, Tobey, who calls her a terrorist’s daughter. Tobey starts off dead against the gang culture, but he realises with some work, he could get some money in order to achieve a better life style.

Sephy threatens to kill him if he hurts her child, but she later pleads with Jude to leave both of them alone. However, Callum has decided to join the LM, against the wishes of his mother, and he does not read the letter until just before Sephy leaves.

Double Cross by Malorie Blackman book review

Books with missing cover. The series describes an alternative history in which African people had gained a technological and organisational advantage over the European peoplerather than the other way around, with Africans having made Europeans their slaves.

Callie loves Tobey and Tobey loves Callie and when she gets shot you see how Tobey learns to grow without her and how his calculates his revenge.