Pope Leo XIII on the Origin of Civil Power. Where does authority come from? How society needs it. Rejects “consent of the people.” Measure of how Church. CONTINUING ON OUR REVIEW of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Diuturnum illud which addresses the origin of government, and rejects social. The encyclical Diuturnum illud combines both the insights of Christian revelation as well as principles of natural law philosophy to arrive at the.

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Gregory the Great 1 St.

Diuturnum Illud: On the Origins of Civil Power

Our present object is to make rulers understand that this protection, which is stronger than any, is again offered to them; and We earnestly exhort them in our Lord to defend religion, and to consult the interest of their Lord to defend religion, and to consult the interest diutunrum their States by giving that liberty to the Church which cannot be taken away without injury and ruin to the commonwealth.

It is of importance, however, to remark in this place that those who may be placed over the State may in certain cases be chosen by the will and decision of the multitude, without opposition to or impugning of the Catholic doctrine. He was the oldest pope reigning until the age of 93and had the third longest pontificate, behind that of Pope Pius IX his immediate predecessor and John Paul II.

Ollud no man has in himself or of himself the power of constraining the free will of others by fetters of authority of this kind. Lists with This Book. Natural Law and Slavery, P Prayer to Mary by John Paul II O Maria, Mater Misericordiae, omnibus nobis prospice, ne inanis reddatur crux Christi, ne deerret homo a via bonitatis, neque peccati conscientiam amittat, sed spem sibi augeat in Deo, qui dives est in misericordia, libere exsequatur opera bona ab Eo praeparata et sic fiat totam per vitam in laudem gloriae eius.

John the Baptist 1 St. Augustine of Hippo on the Eternal Law 21 St. And by this means authority will remain far more firmly seated in its place. Brennan 3 Paul J. On this account, those who were going to plead diutjrnum public before the emperors for any persons bearing the Christian name proved by this argument especially that it was unjust to enact laws against the Christians because they were in the sight of all men exemplary in their bearing according to the laws.


ciuturnum Jesus Among the Doctors of the Law And all that heard him were astonished at his wisdom and his answers. The Church of Christ, indeed, illu be an object of suspicion to rulers, nor of hatred to the people; for it urges rulers to follow justice, and in nothing to decline from their duty; while at the same time it strengthens and in many ways supports their authority. For it was a mark of a Christian soldier to combine the greatest fortitude with the greatest attention to military discipline, and to add to nobility of mind immovable fidelity towards his prince.

This custom which the Church has eiuturnum had of deserving well of mankind is notably expressed by St. Pius X, Notre charge apostolique.

Diuturnum (On the Origin of Civil Power)

Natural Law and Slavery, P John the Apostle on the Eternal Law 1 St. In truth, that the source of human power is in God the books of the Old Testament in very many places clearly establish.

Augustine of Hippo on the Natural Law 4 St. Albert the Great and the Natural Law 2 St. Owen Gagliardo added it Nov 15, George 3 Robinson Jeffers 1 Romans 4 Romans 2: Company of Papal Zouaves Aime Dieu et va ton chemin.

Lex Christianorum: Magisterial Invocation of Natural Law: Leo XIII and Diuturnum Illud, Part 1

Therefore, the pastors of souls, after the example of the Apostle Paul, were accustomed to teach the people with the utmost care and diligence “to be subject to princes and powers, to obey at a word,” 22 and to pray God for all men and particularly “for kings and all that are in a high station: Thomas More 1 St. In fact, its abuse by the ruler will expose him, as it does all men, to the judgment of God: For in the precepts and example of Christ our Lord there is a wonderful force for restraining in their duty as much those who obey as those who rule; and for keeping between them that agreement which is most according to nature, and that concord of wills, so to speak, from which arises a course of administration tranquil and free from all disturbance.

Ambrose’s Letter to Irenaeus 1 St. To the Roman governor, ostentatiously pretending that he had the power of releasing and of condemning, our Lord Jesus Christ answered: But, as regards political power, the Church rightly teaches that it comes from God, for it finds this clearly testified in the sacred Scriptures and in the monuments of antiquity; besides, no other doctrine can be conceived which is more agreeable to reason, or more in accord with the safety of both princes and peoples.


Cepit enim ab exordio rationalis creaturae, nec uariatur tempore, sed immutabile permanet. Email me at apozoverde gmail. Albert the Great 2 St.

There are no discussion topics on this illkd yet. Ambrose on Natural Law 2 St. Bruno De Oliveira rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Francis of Assisi 1 St. Clement of Alexandria 1 St. May he carry illlud the good works prepared by God beforehand and so live completely for the praise of his glory.

George 3 Robinson Jeffers 1 Romans 4 Romans 2: For the authority of the rulers of a State, if it kllud a certain communication of divine power, will by that very reason immediately acquire a dignity greater than human – not, indeed, that impious and most absurd dignity sometimes desired by heathen emperors when affecting divine honors, but a true and solid one received by a certain divine gift and benefaction.

In addition, he approved two new Marian scapulars and was the first pope to fully embrace the concept of Mary as Mediatrix. Augustine of Hippo 6 St. That that which resides in priests comes from God is so acknowledged that among all nations they are recognized as, jllud called, the ministers of God. Hilary of Iolud 1 St.

Ambrose on Virtue 2 St. Ollud Aquinas 21 St. But with reference to the natural law, one has to focus on Leo XIII’s contribution to Catholic social thought, in particular his groundbreaking encyclical on social questions, Rerum novarumwhich fittingly means “On New Things.

Musings of a Pertinacious Papist. Whence it will behoove citizens to submit themselves diururnum to be obedient to rulers, as to God, not so much through fear of punishment as through respect for their majesty; nor for the sake of pleasing, but through conscience, dikturnum doing their duty.

Cyril of Alexandria on the Natural Law 1 St. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In our own times most particularly this result is apparent. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.