Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo sin Dios con esta antología, la primera en su género, de las voces más influyentes, de. Una provocadora visita guiada al pensamiento ateo y agnóstico a través de los siglos. Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo .

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I very much enjoyed and learned from the collection. Hitchens was a polemicist and intellectual. Keep checking every now and then.

Books by Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens collected about 50 essays on atheism. Of course it is possible to be left in doubt on some matters but it is likely that other work by Christopher Hitchens can resolve these problems. This book is great for dipping into and finding evidence to support any claims you wish to shake.

Also welcome in this volume are selected writings by Albert Einstein, whose eleven pages of letters christopner notes remove any lingering doubt about his repudiation of a god that takes an interest in human affairs. Ever wondered what the “opium of the people” really means?

Dios no existe

Some pieces within are inspiring; some are heartbreaking. I believe because the Bible is the inerrant word of God. It is not portable at all.

Dios no existe es una lectura fascinante para todo el mundo. However, when making broad statements about why one doesn’t believe in a god, it is entirely unhelpful and misleading to lump all faiths into one big pile. Not much on Eastern religions. The evil of slavery and its link to Christianity…oh my. Does He sin, then? Why can He not reveal himself to the masses during the final game of the World Cup Some, such as Thomas Hardy and HL Mencken consign gods to the grave of history, while others argue strong cases for a morality that does not rely on the promise of reward or the threat of punishment from a creator.


Their methods of explaining and working through, however, is where a few of them lost my attention.

Dios no existe by Christopher Hitchens (2 star ratings)

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. To fix these social issues is to do half the job. One of the main draws of essays of the kind found in this anthology is that there is nothing new about the arguments against superstition, tribalism, and religious fervour I read this compilation some years ago when I was battling cancer.

This book drags at points, but definitely worth the read.

Equally as satisfying, though, are the relatively obscure at least to me works Hitchens introduces, such as Elizabeth Anderson’s essay on religion’s purported monopoly on morality, Victor Stenger’s commentary on probabilistic cause, and Ibn Warraq’s djos of the Koran.

Rob rated it it was ok Dec 23, Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Page Elizabeth Anderson Believers in any one religion can offer no independent criteria for accepting their own chgistopher, miracles, and religions experiences while rejecting the revelations, miracles, and religious experiences that appear to support contradictory religious claims. Keep checking every now and then.

While they my have some good points, John Cumming is not necessarily wholly representative of Biblical Christianity at all points.

Dios no existe by Christopher Hitchens (4 star ratings)

Does He need to issue commands that need revising so often? By far the strongest argument against theism. The book is dedicated to Primo Levi: Books by Dawkins and Harris will be excellent companions to this and the author’s other publications.

With that said, however, there are pieces contained within that each of us could glean at least a fraction of wisdom, if not enjoyment, from.

Perhaps this is meant as source material for atheists to debate with believers. I will not finish this book.


Wonderful summary of the type of moral things God does in the Bible, tells others to do, or simply permits. Hitchens was also a political observer, whose best-selling books fhristopher the most famous being God Is Not Great — made him a staple of talk shows and lecture circuits.

At the end of the day, I’m not sure there is anything conclusive, although the author would have you believe otherwise. The philosophy of atheism…a very good essay. I’ve been so overwhelmed and excited to realize that many literary giants were also nonbelievers, and backed their beliefs with firm, impeccably logical, startlingly rational, highly intelligent, iron-clad arguments for their mindset.

Open Preview See a Problem? Everybody, religious or non-religious, should read this compilation by Hitchens. Dennett, Richard Dawkins y muchos otros. This may be because I accepted the argument of a point before it was made. For example, in the George Elliot entry, the author s sort of pick at the person and work of Rev.

Dennett, Richard Dawkins y muchos otros. In The Portable Atheist, Hitchens offers readers the opportunity to expand their horizons with an anthology containing 47 essays and excerpts on unbelief. Furthermore, it would be just as effective for people like myself, searchers for truth and believers in science and the potential of mankind when unfettered by Bronze Age mythology.

Lot of insights from the notions of several great thinkers. As such, I did not get to enjoy the entirety of the anthology at this point, but luckily the physical copy is still on my bookshelf.