Some kind forum members suggested I do a Delftship tutorial:o So, here goes, but bear in mind its all self taught and I am no teacher O0. Tutorial 01 Delft Ship – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. user manual. Version. Homepage E-mail [email protected] net. Contact. Delftship BV. Vinkenpolderweg AV Alblasserdam.

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There is a tutorial for scanning line drawings and using them within delftship. Hi Overpowered, Delftship is a lot of fun, but you need practice to get anywhere with it- it can be quite tedious for the first couple of designs, but well worth the effort- and your lucky enough to have a tutor too!!!

To see a lines diagram of you model, select view, linesplan. Just mention it will be based upon my tutoriial. Your name or email address: Alternatively, you can increase the control points in a particular area by selecting the lines in that area and splitting them.

DELFTship :: Topic: Tutorials (1/1)

Click the tutotial control net off, then on again, this removes any previously selected point. Forum posts represent the experience, opinion, and view of individual users. Discussion in ‘ Software ‘ started by Dr34m3rJan 8, Now, I think we should refine the shape of the deck a little, then we can refine the hull shape between deck and keel: You’ll just have to hover the cursor upon the buttons to find the right one. You will see this: I think it needs to be lowered at the bow, so here goes.

With my xbow, I started off in delftshhip the same way and added more lines, control points as Dslftship needed them. Next time we will sort out the shape of the deck and maybe put the chine line in. Insert new points and connect them as before, then crease the new lines to give you: Concerning the second point it sounds that’s your problemthe Delftship team wrote a manual you can download from this very website, delfftship the software.


Just to demo what you will see if you have a bad curve I will move a point on my plan view: I hope this has been helpful. Now we have to think about fairing the hull. Now click OK and you will get this window. I havent used it myself, so cannot comment on it, but its here: Select the two delfttship shown and uncrease them. Hi, I am just learning to use the free version of delftship, and i need to measure distances on an existing drawing.

Select deck line and extrude by -4, same method tutirial we used for the transom. I have a set of plans small for a ferry I would like to model one day How do I go about making them on Delftship. Then, when you’ll begin really working on you real project, you’ll already know all the “how-to” of this great tool. Hi Ian just had a look at that other tutorial.

Of course, you need to fair the whole hull using this method, this is where it becomes time consuming and sometimes tutoial Hello Icare, I have just downloaded your DS manual and have had time to take a quick look around. Mayhem also on Facebook! A few question come to mind.

Delftship Tutorial videos

As a rule of thumb, I keep control points to a minimum in areas where the hull is straight or nearly so, and add only delfthsip curves. In the profile view, left click and hold on one of the control points that is out of line and drag it until the red line looks better.

You will hutorial only one control point between the bow and the sides that we previously worked on. You can see that as the line changes curvature, the pink lines get larger or smaller depending on the curve.

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Do the same tutoriap the next horizontal line up, assign the value 4. Many thanks for any help Owen. To demonstrate this I will put a deck delttship the boat using a new layer. This wont allow us to produce nice faired lines around the bow, so, we need to add more control points in this area.

Select the points shown in yellow: It seems to assume that you know how to use the program. Go to edit, edge, extrude and in the transverse direction box enter Queen Charlotte islands, B. Gunnar SommerlundDelftshhip 23, You need to be cautious about how many more control points you add, as the more there are, the more difficult it becomes to get nice fair lines, unless you have the pro version of course.

Delftship Tutorial videos | Boat Design Net

Turn on the control net, select the deck edge: You will have something like this: What a pity to get disheartened due to too much haste! Your circumstances or experience may be different.

I have downloaded the manual for the version of Delftship that I have but it doesn’t give a lot of instructions. Some kind forum members suggested I do a Delftship tutorial So, here goes, but bear in mind its all self taught and I am no teacher Ok then, after some thought I think a relatively simple hull to demonstrate how the program works is the best way, so, lets begin!

I have already found some gems in there that I hadn’t considered. We now have a basic hull, but without a transom!! It looks like there are some helpful hints.