Deerskin [Robin Mckinley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A fierce and beautiful story of rage and compassion, betrayal and loyalty. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Heir to her late mother’s legendary beauty, Princess Deerskin – Kindle edition by Robin McKinley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Deerskin by Robin McKinley – book cover, description, publication history.

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Ronnie Catcus Creatures like ‘ootag’ and such? Start reading Deerskin on your Kindle in under a minute. Inher first novel, Beautywas accepted by the first publisher she sent it to, and she began her writing career, at age Thanks for telling us about the problem. orbin

View all 7 comments. ISFDB to the rescue! Deerskin First edition cover. It was her parents’ neglect and her nursemaid’s stories of her amazing parents that led to to believe she was no more important than a servant in her own castle. Either way, if you have ever had the privilege of living with mciinley sighthound, you will recognise so much of their loyalty, grace, and sweetness in this book.

Telling more than showing, yet almost perfect the way it is. Part Three was good, but not the rousing conclusion that Part Three merited. Write a customer review.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Her one companion is her dog, Ash, a condolence gift from Prince Ossia, and the two are inseparable. I would have given this book 4 stars if the ending hadn’t been so Deerskin Critique 1 Mar 26, Maybe Beauty rrobin Rose Daughter will change my mind yet.

I will not argue with anyone who mckinleey themselves threatened by what I have to say here, as my time and my energy are my own, and I will not spend it on sea lions and dog whistlers. At her seventeenth birthday party, when she is old enough to be married off, her father dances with her for most of the night and the following morning announces that he intends to marry her.


And having finished it, I think the same.

This story has what I guess I would call flowery language, whereas my creative writing teacher would call it “dead wood”. On Lissar’s 17th birthday, the king announces that he will marry his daughter! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, if that’s something you can handle in the context of an amazing story of resilience, hope and new beginnings, then read this book. I knew it was about a woman who was raped by her father when I bought it.

I think she’s stated that the primary inspiration is Donkey Skin by Charles Perrault. When she mentions that she needs work and likes dogs, prince Ossin, who is in attendance, assigns her to raise a litter of puppies whose mother had died.

Deerskin by Robin Mckinley | : Books

Likewise, the princess growing into such beauty drove her father crazy and resulted in the act that would haunt her “new” life. Be the first to discover new talent! Up next I’ll be reading the Hero and Crown so we’ll see how that fares. Another reviewer stated that “McKinley’s view of trauma – rape, incest, miscarriage – is absolute crap and offensive to people who have actually been through those things.

Halfway through, the writing is beautiful, exquisite, but circles around and repeats itself so often I was on page 90 before anything had actually happened, which would be fine, except for the hazy treatment of rape and incest.

Deerskin by Robin McKinley

Her Dad, crazy with grief over the loss of his Queen, turns into a nutcase and dewrskin forgets he has daughter for defrskin years. Learn more about Amazon Prime. It might be a spoiler, but no one should stumble upon that by accident so I’m leaving it out here for all to see.

The moon goddess, the “Lady,” heals Lissar–suppressing the dreadful memories, changing her hair to white, giving her a stainless white deerskin dress–and four years pass in what seems a day.



rlbin I also felt that the message of the book was important; You can survive sexual abuse, even thou it changes you irrevocably, it is possible to live despite it. Barely alive, Lissar escapes with her dog Ash to find sanctuary in the mountains. This page was last edited on 30 Julyat When her father sees her, he insists that she must marry him, to fulfill his promise to her mother that he marry only a woman as beautiful Robin’s darkest fairytale retelling. So far, so standard. I found that the line between trust and love, friendship and romance, was drawn too faintly and that jump made far too quickly.

Yeah, all of those. Deersmin Edition Verified Purchase. After beating and raping her violently, leaving her for the dead, the King leaves Lissra to her fate.

I know it probably seems inappropriate to be taking such a light hearted tone with such a serious book but I mean it with absolute honesty. People are complex and not everyone responds in the same way. I highly recommend it to those who want something beautiful and complex to read.

And, it has a happy ending – one where Lissar is able to confront and defeat the monster of her past, and have a future of happiness and life. This, for me, was an incredibly challenging read – I had rboin keep putting the book down because it was so disturbing – but Robin McKinley does a phenomenal job of building this terror and claustrophobia, and then segueing the book from one of fear to one of hope.