jump-start your weight loss. ™. Debbie Siebers’ Plan 3. The photo shoot plan . Food list. 6-Day Express notes. Get the most out of your workouts. Slim in 6 plan pdf. Slim in 6 Day Express Diet Plan – Free Meal Plan PDF trainer Debbie Siebers and Slim in 6 six weeks and youll see firmer. What we loved and hated about Debbie Sieber’s workout schedule and 6 Workouts; Workout Calendar; Meal Plan; Your 6-Day Express Plan.

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Takes slimming and toning to the next level to complete your full-body reshaping. Now I’m in the middle of the fourth week, continuing with “Ramp it Up” and so far have lost about 7 pounds and feel much stronger.

Granted it’s focus is on your lower body and for women, but that seems like a good place to start for folks new to an exercise program. Some say her workout is a bore. I plan to go back to this after I take a month break doing the shred. I just bought it and I am starting the two day fast, I ate less yesterday and today is my first day of fast and already 2lbs down!

Get diet and fitness tips plus amazing peer support. I did do the 7 day express program to a t and lost inches the first week,on the second week i was losing my pj pants while walking was also using the slimming formula. I’m 5’10 andso i’m not a crazy weight, but I feel like I have been trying to lose 10 pounds for 10 years. I like it I don’t like it I have a question.

Takes me back to high school gym class Do You Know the Best Diets of ? The workout videos will build your strength. Five workouts, which range from 11 minutes to 60 minutes, target a specific anatomical focus.


Online access to the Slim in 6 website, a tape measure to track your progress and a calendar to keep you motivated are also included in the program. I love the fact that everything feels so slim and strong. This is a great work out video!! Started “Ramp it Up” the second portion of the routine on the third week and it was a bit harder making me sore once again.

I’m 5’8 so I don’t want to get to skinny but just a healthy slim look. A lot of the moves build on each other, so it’s easy to get bored. I’m married, have two little boys and work full time Slim in 6 Reshape, retone and redefine your body in six weeks with Debbie Siebers. I only have about 10 pounds to loose.

The diet allows 4 oz. And once the six weeks are up, if you’re not satisfied with the changes in your body, then you can get your money back. Also, not doing 6 debbue a week more like Debbie is a joy to workout with, in my opinion!

6-Day Express Diet Plan

Clothes fitting better too. If your looking to lose weight or tone up this is the right video for you ;lan its quite easy posted Dec 13th, 5: Focusing on low glycemic foods like green vegetables and lean protein, the 6-Day Express Diet Plan is a low-calorie, low-carb and low-fat eating plan that is designed to fuel your body with the necessary nutrients to lose weight fast.

I also have hip hop abs but find it boring. Now that I have my thyroid under control with sieebers and diet, I am starting the program again.

  IEC 60322 PDF

I have lost 12 pounds in 2 months! I then went on to purchase the other Slim n 6 products–Slim Series and 30 min workouts. Tanaya I love it. OMG this saved me for real I was yo yo dieting for years and stayed expess for 3 years straight failing all exercise and diets.

Slim in 6 Challenge Pack – Kathi Reuter

I didn’t have the heart to start with Ramp it Up again, so I am moving on for now. I hate to exercise but ths regimen was so awesome and really motivated you as well as targeted all problem areas. Slim in 6 Review Siebers Style: Little did I know that I had a thyroid disorder which was causing me to not lose any weight.

Slim in 6 Challenge Pack. I still have a ways to go, but I am definitely going to stick with this program!

To be honest, the DVD has been a little exaggerated if you ask me! Simplify your nutrition with the convenient and delicious daily superfood protein shake that helps give you energy for your workouts, reduces junk-food cravings and may help you reach your fitness goals faster.

I went from a tight sz 12 and now I am a loose 8 in just 3 months. All the videos build on each other, and so after 6 weeks you get a chance to perfect each move.

Top Rated Diets of I tried to continue doing Burn it Up, the last video in the series, and couldn’t. I love this program. The 6-Day Express Diet focuses on lean proteins, leafy green vegetables and other low-glycemic foods.