[Makercise] has been working on a Gingery Lathe since September last year. I corresponded with Dave back when the books first came out. Yes I too am building a metal working shop from scrap using the books written by Mr. Dave Gingery. I figured, “hey I already have a foundry why not build some. To bore the headstock accurately a temporary headstock assembly is made. Dave Gingery directs the reader to build an adjustable angle iron based assembly.

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Great casting and video technique! So to get a straight pattern I took some wood wall paneling material, sanded the smooth surface to rough it up then smeared a generous amount of glue on them. To part 2; carriage assembly.

The Best Gingery Lathe Video Series To Date | Hackaday

Sorry, no action photo View post on imgur. Report comment Reply Nevermind me in the later videos the risers are visibleā€¦. I set two pieces together on a steel table saw table and put a straight, weighted board on it I used about 30 pounds of weight. If you know of a good Gingery dage build I may have missed, please take a minute and drop me a link in the comments! I watched all his videos many times. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Just watching his experienced hands is a show in itself.


My Homemade Metal Lathe Project

I am descended from 5, generations of tool-using primates. Thanks for your submission.

Y es I too am building a metal working shop from scrap using the books written by Mr. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Watched all of the vids. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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David J. Gingery Publishing

dve It is much easier to bore one side at a time then install the bearing for added support. Dave Gingery directs the reader to build an adjustable angle iron based assembly. No doubt you are seeing that tape. Here you can see the headstock just after I finished boring it. This is so the bed will interlock with it. Check his site out if you haven’t already!

This set was bull-feces! Here is a closeup of the finished bore, the boring bar and the bit. I actually used a wood plane to bring the surface down to an initial shiny flat surface.


Also, I went to college and stuff. This article has multiple issues.

These are some of the bed castings that didn’t come out. Lionel Oliver II, on the other hand, whose amateur sandcrabbing website Backyard Metal Casting is probably the single greatest online resource for those interested in small home foundry work, has not only made a meaningful start, but gotten most of the way through the build. Need the cold rolled steel for your lathe or other projects? Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. Learn how your comment data is processed.

larhe I welded this thing together but you can probably cut out a “T” shape and bend the front piece downward to get the configuration shown. You might also like these newsletters: