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Additional information on how the applet functions is given in the problem descriptions. It can be seen that the following rules apply: Course Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, you should be able to: Initially, many parts of haandouts applet are not yet functional.

The exam is open book in the sense that you can consult any books, handouts, or notes from this class to solve the problems. Once your methods work, the drawing on the left side of applet should match that of the sample applet. I hesitate to say “good at math”, because most people will equate that to having hahdouts strong background in calculus, whereas we will not use any calculus at all in this course. Both books should be available now in the Yale Book Store — if yandouts, please let me know.

In case a data structure doesn’t normally support the operation, describe how it could be implemented and still give its complexity. The practice sessions are kept away from “windows” type programming to ensure that mastering the basic concepts is not clouded by unnecessary details at this stage. After covering file-handling and unions and structures, the course will finally introduce the concept of classes and public and private members with an introduction to function overloading.


There are two required textbook s for the course: For full credit you should write this method such that it performs a pre-order traversal though the actual order of traversal doesn’t matter since the vector will get sorted later anyway.

The minimal Point class has public instance variables x and y allowing direct access, as well as a useful instance method coord boolean isX ahndouts retrieves one of x and y depending on whether isX is true or false. Web Page and Newsgroup: Try to define the each function in terms of the others as succinctly as possible.

This is a hard deadline.

Introduction to Programming – CS201 VU Video Lectures

Complexity of tree and heap operations What is the worst-case time complexity of each of the following operations? The resulting directory exam2 will contain the following files: The object-oriented concepts of polymorphism, virtual functions and protected data members will not be covered in this course.

A K-d tree is a binary search tree. Some trees and their widths are shown below: Import the exam2 directory into Eclipse as usual. How many are there? It will be more important for you to handous pretty good at thinking abstractly. Draw all full, ordered hanoduts containing the eight values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Include your answer with your written submission. Start by adding your name to the top KdTreeOps. All programming problems contribute to the same applet, fs201 you can do them in any order, though they appear roughly in order of increasing difficulty.

Starting with basic programming concepts, the course develops skill in handling decision and looping structures.

Even if you are not finished with the exam by this time, you should turn in what you have, so that I can award partial credit. It can be seen that The left width handdouts an empty tree is 0 The left width of a leaf is 1 The left width of a tree with a left child is the width of the child The right width is defined analogously.


CS – Introduction to Programming

In general, would all nodes in the tree get printed? Negligence in completing problem sets will result in a low grade, even if performance on exams mid-term hxndouts final is good. The object-oriented concepts of polymorphism, virtual functions and protected data members will not be covered in this course.

Spring 8 Course Overview: Turning in this Exam You will turn in the code for this exam electronically as usual. Details on how to use Haskell and GHC will be forthcoming.

Introduction to Programming (CS201)

Also, you may not consult material or solutions from previous semesters or try to gain access to the ccs201 code for sample applets. It should go without saying that when you hand in electronically or otherwise a paper with your name on it, I assume that you are certifying that this is your work, and that you were involved in all aspects of it.

Note that for y-nodes, the left subtree with smaller y values corresponds to the region above the line, and the right subtree to the region below the line. If you choose to upload your written answers, be sure to follow these handout, otherwise you will lose points: K-d Trees The programming problems on this exam involve K-d trees a handdouts structure used to organize points in K dimensions.

You should do the required reading, textbook exercises, and other preparation before beginning programming assignments, since it is generally much more efficient to test, debug, and run a program that you have planned carefully than to try to do the planning as you go. This web page plucky.