The CRAFFT is a (updated version of a) behavioral health screening tool for use with children ages and is recommended by the American Academy of . The CRAFFT Screening Interview. The CRAFFT is a behavioral health screening tool for use with children under the age of 21 and is recommended by the. CRAFFT is a screening tool for adolescent substance use that has been validated in outpatient general medical settings. This is the first study to examine its use.

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Copyright American Medical Association.

We excluded patients who were unable to read and understand English and those who were deemed by the provider to have acute medical or psychiatric problems that precluded participation in research. This revised version of the CRAFFT screening tool incorporates changes that enhance the sensitivity of the system in terms of identifying adolescents with substance use, and presents new recommended clinician talking points, informed by the latest science and clinician feedback, to guide a brief discussion about substance use with adolescents.

Participants were divided into 5 mutually exclusive diagnostic groups based on their pattern of alcohol and other drug use within the previous 12 months: The CAGE questions, which are widely used in medical settings, are a good example of this type of brief screen.

Of the 43 drug abuse diagnoses, 36 were related to cannabis, 5 to stimulants including caffeine pills, methylphenidate hydrochloride, and amphetaminesand 2 to both cannabis and stimulants.

CRAFFT as a Substance Use Screening Instrument for Adolescent Psychiatry Admissions.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Get free access to newly published articles. The screen can be orally administered, and it has a convenient mnemonic, based on key words in each of the 6 yes or no questions. Sign in to make a comment Sign in to your personal account. National Survey Results on Drug Use, Sign in to save your search Sign in to your personal account. A clinic provider can be reasonably reassured when Cracft is negative but should assess his or her patient hool when the test is positive.


We performed a chart review of records craffft adolescents admitted to our inpatient psychiatric unit who completed a CRAFFT screen on admission.

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It has been established as valid and reliable for identifying youth who need further assessment and therapeutic intervention [5] The CRAFFT was originally designed to screen adolescents at high risk of substance use disorders in primary medical care offices. Prevalence rates among adolescent patients seen in other clinics, family practices, or general pediatric practices may be different. This study provides good supportive evidence for the validity of the CRAFFT test as a substance abuse screening device for use among a general population toll adolescent clinic patients.

Validity of the CRAFFT Substance Abuse Screening Test Among Adolescent Clinic Patients

There are limitations to the generalizability of our findings regarding diagnostic classifications. This study relied on adolescents’ self-report. Participants were consecutively recruited in approximately half of the 12 clinic sessions conducted each week. Create a too account to register for email alerts with links to free full-text articles. Receiver operating characteristic curves are presented in Figure 2.

Archivos argentinos de pediatria.

CRAFFT as a Substance Use Screening Instrument for Adolescent Psychiatry Admissions.

History Philosophy Portal Psychologist. The provider completed the recruitment form, which included demographic information, the provider’s impression of the patient’s level of alcohol and other drug use, and the patient’s response to the invitation to participate. Current Drug Abuse Reviews. Adolescents may use alcohol and other drugs at higher rates when not in school, and recall bias may have resulted in higher reports of past month use by participants recruited during the summer months.

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The CRAFFT test has acceptable sensitivity and specificity for identifying all screening categories and among all demographic subgroups.

CRAFFT Screening Tool | Patient Centered Primary Care Institute

During the month recruitment period, providers invited adolescent patients to participate in the study. Adult programs rarely accept younger adolescents, and they are not tokl to respond to the unique developmental needs of younger or older adolescents.

To be practical, they must be designed to be completed by patients within dcreening usual waiting time, and scoring procedures must be sufficiently streamlined so that results can be given to the physician before the medical visit begins.

Subst Abus 37 ed.

For example, a score of 4 or higher should raise suspicion of substance dependence. Current resources are not adequate to meet this need. The older version of the questionnaire contains 9 items in total, answered in a “yes” or “no” format.

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They unquestionably reinforce the importance of the existing Guidelines for Adolescent Preventive Services recommendations for universal substance abuse screening.