View and Download ClearOne XAP installation & operation manual online. Audio Conferencing System. XAP Conference System pdf manual. XAP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: FAQs XAP Frequently Asked Questions ~ Software/Configuration ~ Firmware ~ Echo Cancellation ~ Installation ~ Audio Performance ~ Presets ~ Expansion Bus .

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Professional Services Group We welcome and encourage manusl comments so we can continue to improve our products and serve your needs. Or, you can work offline and manually add the unit s to the site file and connect to the site at a later time.

ClearOne XAP 400 User Manual

You can also open this window from the G-Ware toolbar. The serial 4400 determines the format in which the commands return—text or binary. Page 52 Post Gain meter, just begins to enter the red clipping zone, then reduce the gain slightly until peaks no longer climb into the red zone. S—Z buses These eight buses are defaulted as auxiliary mix buses.


The unit shall have four internal and four global automatic microphone mixers, each with fully adjustable parameters. Site Properties window see page NOM constant gain maintains a constant gain level as inputs routed to the output are gated on and off. All submenu items are Click the Active Command or Inactive Command button to set the command for operation It is virtual because it does not use up any of the standard analog outputs.


Change it to Small Fonts. Microphones can only mankal used in one gating group at a time.

After the installation and computer reboot, G-Ware should work correctly. Utilities Signal On again to terminate the noise signal. Limits for harmonic current emissions. The purpose of a preset is to allow the quick recall of a specific configuration. ClearOne Communications reserves specific privileges.

However, they must be connected properly to avoid bypassing the echo canceller. Connect one connector terminator block to the Remote Panel Click the Security tab.

ClearOne XAP User Manual – Page 1 of |

If the Autorun window does not open, open the Windows Start menu and choose Run. The clearine line now appears All connections are made through rear-panel DTMF dialing capability can be accessed.

Note that the level control you have selected for the Propagation delay is an example.

The unit shall have an internal power supply that automatically amnual between VAC of power input. Up to eight units can be linked for up to 32 line inputs and 64 mic inputs.


There are two possibilities: Filter setup shall be real-time. Push-on terminal block, balanced Impedance: Contact the telephone company or those responsible for the PBX system. Leave 1st Mic Priority selected default to enable this feature; otherwise, clear You can also enter the frequency in the box directly below the Frequency slider. Warranty Manufacturer shall not be liable for punitive, consequential, or incidental damages, expenses, or loss Bandwidth establishes the difference between the upper and lower points of a The items listed in the Site 1 and Site 2 columns show where the differences are found.

It shall have a 48kHz sample rate. Telephone Hybrid Why does my telephone hybrid disconnect calls?

The Virtual Reference button opens the preset Virtual Reference window. Print Preview window Copying settings When two sites are compared, the Copy to Site, Paste, and Copy buttons at the bottom zap the window become selectable. DTMF dialing capability shall be provided on the hybrid. All filters can also be disabled using a single command. The Bypass box, when selected, bypasses the selected filter.