Jul 21, Posts about Charles Perry “The Haight-Ashbury” written by jimfriedrich. The Haight-Ashbury explosion of was perhaps the most written-about and least understood event of the sixties. The reporters who descended on the. Feb 26, Charles Perry Haight, Ashbury, hippies. The intersection of Haight and Ashbury Streets was a beacon for thousands of hippies, thrill-seekers.

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How do we celebrate our national origins at one of the lowest points in American history? Instead we get a long, disjointed diary of such non-events as, “”After last week’s brush with the Health Department, the Family Dog and the Oracle donated eight large trash bins to clean up the mess left on Haight Street by the Easter Week crowds.

He later served as a trustee of the Symposium from to He has contributed papers to most Oxford Symposiums since and lectures about food history in the U. What Jesus called the Kingdom of God is a future of human flourishing and divine blessing that still pulls on us with gravitational force.

I really liked the majority of the book, but toward the end, the pages of “news blurbs” moved more away from the story aspect Good Bob Weir quote: The Haight-Ashbury movement was brief, only about two years, and though it impacted music and fashion, I don’t see much evidence in the world today for its plea for love, peace, and simplicity.


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Some were just running away from home, some were just looking for a party. God of the Circus, Lord of the Dance, open our eyes to see your show when it comes to town.

Aug 08, Richard rated it it was amazing.

A primarily first-handed account of the chronological order of events that led to this neighborhood being the eye of the storm during the ’60’s youth revolution. However chastened or weary we may be, a sense of expectation remains.

Charles Perry (food writer)

The cognitive dissonance was frying her circuits. Lists with This Book. There were no obvious signs that a liturgy was about to happen——no procession forming at the back of the hall, no clergy vested in bright robes, no worship booklets distributed. The attempt to talk now about the CIRCUS, so soon after its vanishing, comes with a price——acknowledgement of my separation from it. The Haight-Ashbury movement was brief, only about two years, and though it impacted music and fashion I love this book.

But as many of us have learned, resignation and despair are not the only options. Return to Book Page. But it was really like something that shimmered. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The discussions would focus particularly on race, women, and war.

The Haight-Ashbury: A History by Charles Perry

The police looked the other way——at first. This is a must for anyone interested in the hippies and Haight Charlez in particular. You can only look for its coming again. A nice examination of what life was like in the Haight.


The Haight-Ashbury: A History

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. He left the why of it all up to somebody haihht, and I never sensed that the music turned him on. If you are as obsessive as I am you will enjoy reliving the moment through this truly obsessive chronicle.

The sobermindedness of New Left activists was easy to see: Some began to wonder whether the liturgy, hxight only by mimes handing out flyers at lunchtime, was just an unfounded rumor. Some place far away, half-remembered when you wake up.

The book’s more journalistic than creative, dense and full of facts. Written pery Charles Perry of Rolling Stones fame, the book does a good job in bringing forth the events of that ashhbury and age.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Just as I had hoped, I learned a lot about Haight-Ashbury from this very detailed history. Owsley, Acid Tests, Trips Festival. They are encouraged and inflamed. Come one, come all, everybody welcome!