Configure Proxey Server Step by Step Step 1 – Install CCProxy on the Server The server is the computer that can access the Internet directly in. CC Proxy Server can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet and HTTPS proxy server. It features powerful account management. CCProxy – local proxy server, through which you can provide access to the Internet You do not need to make any additional configuration, CCProxy will work.

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Online Information Zone Yellow configuratin Make sure configurztion all clients within LAN are able to access the Server. To start Telnet proxy service and set proxy port. To open the advanced options dialog box. To display the number of online connections and accounts. Free proxy server should be a good choice for you. You can download CCProxy from the official website: We know that the server may have multiple IP addresses, but must have one that is used to connect with other LAN clients.

For demonstration purpose we will use CCProxy server. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: How to detect whether ping Requests are transferring through between the clients and server?

Type port number of proxy server from https: If the clients and server have not yet been setup to have a connection, we recommend allocate IP addresses like this at below:. Now you and your friends can make proxy settings in the browser as bellow to surf with your proxy server for free.


Installation of CCProxy

In fact, the CCProxy is not concerned confiyuration hardware equipment. To configure the other proxy settings such as interface language, remote admin, etc. To configure the dial-up service. Share a single connection to the Internet with configuartion the computers on a single LAN network with the help of this streamlined application. Skip to content March 14, Whether you need to share your Internet connection at home or at work you can try CCProxy, although it is available for quite some money.

Double click this zone and you can go to the installation folder of CCProxy.

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CCProxy also allows to ignore restrictions and blockages, set by your provider, due to the possibility of tunneling connections through SOCKS proxy, specified by the user. To display and set local IP address. To start FTP proxy service and set proxy port. No matter at home or school, you can visit websites freely even they have been blocked servfr.

How To Install And Configure CCProxy – Tech Encyclopedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You might need to do some changes on your hardware. Main Interface Toolbar Zone Start: In this case, the clients can access the Internet directly with the Ccpeoxy bypass proxy server. If checked, CCProxy interface will start automatically when Windows starts up.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Click Proxy Search and then click on the country where the proxy servers you want to use are located. Bellow are the benifits of free proxy server First of all, it’s free which means no payment, no authentication required anonymousand no region restrictions. To open clnfiguration account dialog box.


If the result is similar to that at below, it means the client is connected to the server successfully. If checked, the HTTP proxy will load and store web pages to the proxy cache. In this example, the IP – address is System Information Zone U: So, if you have ccproxj internet connection then you need to use multiple router and NIC on server to use the internet traffic through them.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Install CCProxy on a computer which can access Internet.

Web proxy settings in Internet Explorer, testing proxy 1. You can download CCProxy from here http: With above settings you will be able to connect with internet from client computers through the CCProxy server. The left number is the amount of online connections. To configure configuraation proxy network settings such as server IP address binding, socket idle timeout, etc. Let’s say your free proxy server’s Internet IP address is “