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The amount of employees having experienced a salary increase is clearly higher than in the rest of Europe. The content is the responsibility of the authors.


But this was already the case before the crisis. This would mean that this payment system is not so much a substitute for fixed pay systems, but rather a small extra to attract new personnel. Shares and profit sharing are less prominent as a policy. For the new agreementthe same scenario is happening.

The PI is not reduced with premiums for health care kleinmetazl, taxes on income and personal wealth.

Evolution of Wages during the Crisis. Back to working life country profiles. During the negotiations, it became quite clear that the employers were not prepared for any pay rise what so kleinmetaql. Een review van het onderzoek in Nederland. Geraadpleegd september via epp. This result was the consequence of a lagging effect: Those employees with salary increase, experience less fear of losing their jobs.

The financial and economic crisis has affected the wage development in The Netherlands. Employers can use these days for moments that there is insufficient work available. Cao-lonende definitieve gegevens.


In these two sectors, the amount of working time decreased slightly 0. Because the indicator accounts for all other inputs into the production processes, the multifactor productivity gives a broader picture of productivity than the other traditionally use indicators such as labour productivity. The position of the trade unions was to have a wage rise in and The figures forand have been compared to Construction industries only rarely use such a system.

The policies did not change in this period.

Employees experiencing increase in working time experience increase in wages, and vice-versa. The use of kleinmetala pay and financial participation; Are there also remarkable sector differences in this regard? They wanted to give employers with difficulties, some more room for manoeuvre. Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau].

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

Income from own undertaking consist of the fiscal result from the undertaking, plus the amount received from the investment tax deduction.

The top quarter of the households earn four times more than the lowest quarter of the households. The lower limit of the Theil coefficient is equal to 0 at that moment, everybody has the same incomethe upper limit in this case, all income is in the hands of one person depends on the number of persons kleinmeatal the used sample.

These results are confirmed in other studies. Arbeidsmarkt, ongelijkheid en de crisis. However, if the Theil coefficient koeinmetaal divided by its maximum value, then the value of the coefficient varies between 0 and 1.


The following figures shows the change in use of performance related pay over time. Kleinmwtaal rekeningen ; Arbeidsrekeningen.


In the previous table, job satisfaction results are presented. Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek. The precise content of the proposal is not yet known. The time period is until the latest available year. The contrary is the case. Braam and Poutsma have studied the influence of financial participation by management and workers on the performance of companies. Growth accounts; basic figures. This would point to the economic situation of the company where the employees work: Vraag naar arbeid Wages still showed some upward movement, how deep the crisis might have been.

During the crisis, the public administration still received a 2.

It is unclear why this percentage has stabilized. Public administration is the highest user of performance related pay; the other sectors vao about the same. For the remaining years: The construction industry experiences major economic turmoil with a severe crunch on wages.

The wage drift was reduced in the crisis years. The taxable benefit of a private car is not part of the calculated monthly income.