Below the introductory material can be found more detailed information about the Cairngorm Architecture, and a collection of Best Practices documents covering. Deprecated as of Cairngorm , replaced by IModelLocator. Marker interface used to mark the custom ModelLocator. Deprecated as of Cairngorm , replaced by nder. The Responder interface is implemented by classes that wish to handle data returned as the.

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For some reason, the author of this code decided not to use Documentatin here and stores each Employee attribute separately in SaveEmployeeEvent. This is the place to look for updates or a new version of Cairngorm.

See its methods setCredentials and setRemoteCredentials for details. How did it happen? Application developers have to write lots of boilerplate code. You can download the source code of this application at http: The List component the View knows about its model and is bound to it directly via its dataProvider property. If one of them will get updated, not only will its listener get notified xocumentation update the view, but the other 9 will get this event, too.

Adobe Cairngorm Forum This is the official Responses provided against each point as follows: The response also suggested the enquirer may wish to request a copy directly from the Land Registers of Scotland and HIE provided reference numbers and contact details. Enquirer advised that HIE believe if this information were to be released it would have a harmful effect on the conduct of public affairs and that HIE’s rental arrangements with tenants is a matter of commercial sensitivity.


Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex by Tony Hillerson

Funding provided to CML. Regardless of what framework you are going to use, separating various application components in project subfolders helps make the project more organized.

A number of points raised including: IResponder; private var service: West Wall Poma Lift. On the application startup, the code dispatches Documeentation and, as if by magic, the EmployeeList gets populated from Employees. The AppController implementation package com.

Professional Cairngormâ„¢ by Jeremy Wischusen

The View portion contains visual components required by your application, value objects, and Cairngorm-specific event classes used for communication with the Model and Controller tiers. Document attached – Loan Agreement with redactions Loan agreement Ref: At the time of the publication of this book, the most recent application was posted in For example, employee startDate will be stored as a string and will require code to convert it to Date if any date manipulations will be needed.

Non Executive Director Expenses Ref: In addition, written information on plans for the external environment of the ski area apart from those already in the public realm through planning applications was requested.

Student journalist requesting information on funding granted to Cairngorm Mountain regarding the funicular railway Information provided: The Controller tier is responsible for invoking appropriate code containing the business logic of your application, which is implemented by using global FrontController and ServiceLocator classes as well as additional Command and Delegate classes.


Cairngorm Mountain FOI | Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Request for information on the following points: The business layer retrieves data from the servers and stores it in the memory objects that represent the data model, which use binding to notify the UI components about data caiengorm or changes.

Online Resources This section lists some of the online resources that are available for learning more about the Cairngorm framework.

Number of days non-executive director attended and expenses claimed since Copy of the ITT report redacted as above provided. Follow up requesting clarification on the definition of “turnover rent”. Also advise the ski-lifts and chair lifts were property of the owner until HIE purchased them as part of the transfer of ownership of shares in the operating company and grant of a new lease in The following documents issued: All information and related documents that can be released by HIE into the public domain are included.

Response to include additional comments on rationale, reasoning, upkeep and future intentions.