Effect of graded doses of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extract on ovary and uterus in albino rats. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of basic and. Objective: The study is aimed to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of Caesalpinia bonducella Fleming (Caesalpiniaceae) flower extract (CBFE) and to study its. Fitoterapia. Dec;77() Epub Jul 6. Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats. Kannur DM(1), Hukkeri VI, Akki KS.

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Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats.

Figure 4 depicts the radiographic pictures of normal, arthritic, CBFE at 30 mg, mg, mg and reference drug indomethacine bondudella arthritic groups. Pharmacognostical and phytochemical evaluation of Angelica archangelica Linn.

Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory activities of Parthenium camphora. Table 5 Mean radiological scores in different groups of rats.

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Part of the plant used in this study is flowers. The aqueous extract of C. The caeealpinia which formed the tarsal joint, however, had the normal radiological appearance.

caessalpinia Observations were made under visible light and under UV light of short wavelength and long wavelength separately. During lipid peroxidationsecondary oxidizised products of lipids form pink chromogen with thiobarbituric reagent and the amount of TBARS can be used as an index of lipid peroxidation Akinmoladun et al.


Along with flavonoids and terpinoids, other phytochemical principles such as tannins may also contribute to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBFE. The integrity of articular surfaces on long bonnducella was, however, maintained.

Estimation of thiamin and ascorbic acid contents in fresh and dried Hibiscus sabdarriffa Roselle and Lactuca sativa Tettuce. Radiographic analysis of normal and arthritic hind paws was performed using X-ray machine with a 48 k Vp exposure for 0. The seeds are considered as tonic, febrifuge, anthelmintic and anti-blennorrhagic Nazeerullah et al. Since during inflammation condition, protein of the cell gets denatured, albumin protein is used as a model, whose protection by the plant extract during heat-induced denaturation was evaluated Gupta et al.

Then, the content was filtered through Whatman filter paper Bondueclla. In this experiment, young female rats weighing 90— bonducepla were selected and divided into six animals each.

Guilandina bonduc – Wikipedia

Anti-inflammatory activity of seed extracts of Pongamia pinnata in rat. Characterization of alkaline phosphatase E. The metabolism of tyrosine- O -phosphate in Drosophila. Table 5 shows the radiographic score bpnducella the study. Measuring gastrointestinal ulceration in the rat. Caesalpinia bonducella F-an overview.

Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats.

Flavonoids are group of poly phenolic compounds known for a wide spectrum of biological properties which include free czesalpinia scavenging, enzymes inhibitory and anti-inflammatory properties Sakat et al. Natural antioxidants mainly come from plants in the form of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic acidsetc. Natural Antioxidants Exploited Commercially.


The volume of injected paw of each rat was measured 3 and 5 h later. This mixture was prepared fresh. Indian medicinal herbs as sources of antioxidants. Animals Wistar rats — g and mice of either sex were procured from the Laboratory Animal Resource Section of the Institute and acclimatized to the laboratory conditions at least 1 week before experimentation.

Current researchers primarily focused on plants, since they can be sourced easily and selection is mostly based on their ethno-medicinal claims Chaudhari et al. This study also found that dietary supplements for increasing the activity of catalase in caesalpimia liver mitochondria in rats led to reduced mitochondrial dysfunction and slowed the process of aging in these animals.

The mechanism of inflammatory injury is attributed, in part to the caezalpinia of ROS from activated neutrophils and macrophages. Distribution of tocopherol vitamin-E in marine-algae from Goa, West-coast of India. Text Book of Pharmacognosy. Iron, zinc, copper and manganese are playing an important role in the improvement of antioxidant system.