Brahma Sutras: Text, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation, and Commentary [ Badarayana, Swami Sivananda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Brahma Sutra Bhasya Of Shankaracharya [Sankaracarya, Translated by Swami Gambhirananda] on The Brahma Sutras are the third of the canonical texts and are regarded as the The Brahma Sutras are attributed to Badarayana. Indian tradition identifies BAdarAyaNa, the author of the Brahma SUtra, with Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas. Many commentaries have been written on this text.

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The theories of other orthodox traditions are discussed in 2.

The second chapter Avirodha: He also refers to himself by name, apparently implying that he refers to some point he has expounded in another work. Bhakti is the chief means to final emancipation and not Jnana. It is also known as the Vedanta Sutra Sanskrit: Great intellectual people only, with realisation, can compose Sutras. Introduction As is well-known, there are six schools of classical Indian philosophy, namely: Badadayana using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Each Sutra contasins a word-by-word and a running translation. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The third padastates George Thibaut, opens a new section and theme in chapter 3 of the Brahma-sutras, asserting that badaraynaa is central to the Vedic texts, and summarizing the Vedic theories, from different Shakha Vedic schoolson “how the individual soul is enabled by meditation on Brahman to obtain final release”.

The released soul abides in non-division from the highest Self Brahmanbecause that is seen. The Brahmasutra is one of three most important texts in Vedanta along with the Principal Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. The different Acharyas founders of different schools of thought have given their own interpretations of the Sutras to establish their own doctrines.


Matter and souls are called modes of Him Prakara. I am a Brahmin, I am a Kshatriya, I am a doctor’.

The Vedanta Sutras of Badarayana Index

They also emphatically declared that Brahman can be known only through the scriptures and not through mere reasoning. An Introduction to The Brahma Sutras. I am suffering from this disease’. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

The Vedanta Sutras of Badarayana: Third Adhyâya. Fourth Pâda.: III, 4, 26

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Sri Sankara the exponent of Kevala Sutrzs or uncompromising monism, Sri Ramanuja the exponent of Visishtadvaita or qualified monism, Sri Nimbarka the exponent of Bhedabheda-vada, Sri Madhva the exponent of strict Dvaitism or Dvaita-vada and Sri Vallabha the exponent of Suddhadvaita-vada or pure monism agree that Brahman is the cause of this world and that knowledge of Brahman leads to Moksha or the final emancipation, which is the goal of life.

For eg on pg 52 shows beside topic 1 sutras Much more technical than badarayanna philosophical versions yet easy to read.

The first chapter in sutras 1. He condemned the performance of rituals with selfish motives. They attain the Nirguna Brahman at the end of the cycle.

The sutras in the text can be, and have been read in different ways. The light into which the soul enters is the Self, owing badarayaja the subject-matter of the chapter.

The aptness of the commentary brahmz be judged by the correct identification of the grahma vAkya the original Vedic statement referred toconsistency with the chapter, section and subject discussed previously, avoidance of wasteful or repetitive points, coherence with the system being propounded, the logical structure indicated by the sUtrakAra being shown correctly, etc.


Brahma Sutra for The Beginners. Audulomi and Asmarathya also did this work in their own way and founded their own schools of thought.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Please try again later. Many commentaries have been written on this text, the earliest extant one being the one by Adi ShaMkara.


Brahma Sutra Bhasya Of Shankaracharya. The text is part of the Prasthanatrayior the three starting points for the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy. Advaita need not explain why a perfect deity was motivated to create the world, nor why an all-loving God created a world with evil. Then only it will be recognised. Sankara’s philosophical view accurately represents the meaning of Badarayana.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Amazon Inspire Digital Pf Resources. Some commentators have rather arbitrarily assigned certain sUtra-s as pUrvapaksha, although there is no indication in the sUtra-s themselves to that effect, and although this strongly militates against the notion that each sUtra is a complete exposition upon a certain subject. Quite naturally, then, the author of the sUtra -s for each school occupies the highest rank among the scholars of that school, and is regarded as its founder or progenitor, and as the primary guru of all others claiming loyalty to that scholarly tradition.

In addition,he has given useful information which will not be found elsewhere.