BPT VLS/ relay can be used to control auxiliary devices such as alarms, stairway lighting, additional bell system. It is housed in a protective casing with an . Bpt VLS/ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bpt VLS/ Instruction Manual, Installation Instructions. BPT VLS/ BPTVLS BPT access control interface relay. AC/DC 10 to 24 volt. New, unused tested stock in original box with instructions. £ BPT.

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Mini USB connector for programming using the software tool. Also includes BDDE and access control functions. Min nim imum cable curvature 80 mm. For detai tails, re refer er to BPT s catalogue of video entry systems. Terminals for control of riser bus. We at BPT are firmly convinced that our Environmental Management System, together with the Quality Control system, is a significant factor in stimulating us to continue in our efforts towards maintaining and increasing our professional expertise in terms of the design and construction of the product.

Featuring the same style and design as the latest-generation video receivers, the new line offers two separate models: In addition, it can be used to create systems designed to handle up to four calls. Accessories s f fo or r iin ns st ta al llation DD DDSI V VR R code Em mbe be edd dding box f for Digitha entr try y p panels in brushed st stai ainl nles ess s st stee eel Wit W th s h self-locki cking couplings and pre-for formed m push-out aperture ures f fo or wiring conduits.

Terminals for control of riser bus and terminals for bus connection to 3 entry panels. Supplied in m or m coils. RAL ye yell llow. Fully compliant with CEI latest amendment. Tinne ed c d copper wires, es,co co colou lour: Plastic housing for installation in n ele electrical control panels EN Each command is explained directly on the displa ay, y cle ea arly and sim simply pl.

Self-connection When the system is not in use i. Colour video receiver with integrated handset and hands-free audio functions, 4.

Relay [BPT VLS/] Communica Online

The porter switchboards can intercept all calls made to users of t the he system. RAL yello low w. Acce cess ss c con ont tr tr trol ol Po Porter er s ser ervi vices The syste em m feat a ure u es s s soph ophist istica ica e ted ac acces ess c s co ontrol o functions f for or a l a larg arg ge e n e numb mber er of f users tha that c t c can an be be vlls pr gra rammed remo otel tely vs a s a s a si imp imple le int inter ernet et i int nterf erface ace e.


Ring volume control over three levels, wall-mounted. This softw ware are fe f atures an interface with intuitive grap aphic hic ics tha tha that m t m t a ake kes p s rog ogrammin ng q g quic uick and easy. Thangr gra fls does not see things in black and white.

Bpt Vls 101

Sm Small det det etail ai s t s that h ma ak ke the p product great: Wit With h thei eir r i r incr ncredi ed bly ro rob bust c co onstruction and IP P54 5 protec ec ctio tion r n rating, g, th they tru ruly ly have noth o ing to f fear, ar, d day or or nig nig ght, ht, summe mer 11 w wint inter. Supplied in m or m coils s. In the case of a video entry system, the video signal from the entry panel appears simultaneously on hpt monitor of the receiver.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The call can be interrupted bpf either of the receivers by replacing the handset for receivers with handset or interrupting the call for handsfree models.

BPT VLS/ – SISTUNITA RELE: : Electronics

The unit also features 6 6 s switch for blt of the com m mman man and, d, one one po p tentiometer for regulation of the activation time o of r f rela elay 1 y 1 door aperture and one LED indicating the the e data rec ecep eption status on the BUS line. Our offices are located in piscataway and edison, new jersey. Fully co ompl mplian iant t with CEI -6 l bp late ate atest st amendment.

Adapters for most standard 6-module embedding boxes included. Designed for installation on DIN guides either on the wall or built into w wat atertight embedding boxe xes s. The he im ima images ges c ca an b n b n be d e d e disp isp isplay layed ed e ed m man anually in seq sequence from the receivers using the “self-con onnection” n” fun functi ction. Accessories for installation DSI code Embedding box in plastic With self-locking couplings and pre-formed push-out apertures for wiring conduits.

Transfers the current call to another user The software for porter services, which runs under the Windows operating system, can be used to supervise the entire system vlz in largescale residential complexes. BPT takes inspiration from this traditional game, creating a unique and highly-original range of entry panels wh which i can be combined in numerous ways: Perla Audio and video receivers A soft, modern look Excellent audio and video quality Easy to use v vERsions and colours Colour video receivers Ice white Fusion black Fusion black Ice white Audio receiver The Perla wall-mounted audio and video receiver with 3.


The porter can vld and distribute all all calls lls throughout the sy yste stem, m, and can also transmit a video signal from a locallycon nn nected webcam. Key ey for for ac acce cess t to p prog rogr rammin ing mode.


Videocitofono xx31 mm Citofono xx31 mm Cod de es s and articl l le e es s technical characteristics Functions 3. All th the f e fu unctions of of e the sy syste stem c m can an be be con cont trolled via the porter ser servic vices using ng s softwa ware re tha that c t can an be be i installed on any standard P PC.

The table-top installation kit PHKT consist ts o s of a f a pree-assembled ed tab tab blele-top t stand with non-slip rubber pads on t the he bot ottom tom surf rface. DIP-switches for or adjust ustmen n nt t o t of t f the he line i e i im mpedan danc ce.

BPT focuses ever more closely on eco-sustainability, as may be seen from the new packaging, which uses recyclable materials to assure the smallest possible environmental impact. The terminals will be programmed using the programming tool and provided with a list of all the users served by the system. Power supply directly from X1 bus line. Virginia christmas tree growers association vctga is an association of professional christmas tree growers interested in the expansion of our farming industry by growing and marketing quality trees.

Mounting bra ack cket included.

Su Supplied in m or m coils. Complete with output t t te erminals for power supply to devices As part of this concept of sustainability, BPT has created new packaging boxes for its video entry kits with Thangram and Lithos entry panels.

The terminals may display incoming calls and alarm messages. Lithos Monolithic colour video entry panel Lithos is the new monolithic colour video entry panel created by BPT for the X1 two-wires system.